Total Gym 1600


There’s no doubt that the Total Gym can take you to new levels of physical fitness and help carve out a new physique you never thought was possible. Regardless of what home gym system you use, you only get out of it what you put into it. The hype around the Total Gym and the claims on the infomercial by Chuck and Christie are all legit – it does everything they say it will do. The only variable is YOU – if you commit to the program, with a little heart and a little sweat – you will lose weight and you will gain muscle. The Total Gym is a great investment if you’re willing to use it.

Rounding out the line is the Total Gym 1600. This is the ultimate Total Gym package and includes a tonne of extras to get you on the right track in achieving your fitness goals. It boasts over 60 exercises and includes additional DVDs and even a nutritional program. Naturally it carries the highest price but this is to be expected for such a comprehensive home gym system. Check out our review of the Total Gym 1600


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