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With Total Gym 1100, people won’t have to spend more money for gym membership or even leave heir house for exercising because they can always build up some muscle and also core strength with this (seemingly) simple device. This training device may look very simple and plain, but wait until people are able to try out several exercises on the board. They will immediately feel the effect of the training moment which is great to tone and sculpt their muscle. Forget boring and monotonous exercise because this Total Gym will deliver the ideal muscle exercise for the users.

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Total Gym 1100 Features

When people decide to buy this Total Gym 1100, they won’t regret their decision at all since it’s so packed up with great features and benefits. The specs are:

  • The design is sturdy, well built, and ergonomic. It’s also equipped with the gliding board and handles that will definitely grow, strengthen, and sculpt the muscle mass.
  • It comes with gravity counter balance that will ‘force’ the body to work against it for smoother resistance work out
  • The device can be used for strengthening and sculpting all area in the body: upper side, lower one, abdominal section, and also cardiovascular power.
  • It’s foldable, so users can always store it easily. It also comes with attachments for the leg and wing
  • It‘s easily moved around.

The Reviews

The Total Gym 1100 may seem simple and plain, but don’t be deceived by the look. Most people who have used this workout device say that they’re quite satisfied with it. It’s easy to use. The foldable system really helps them a lot, especially for those who have small and cramped space inside their house or apartments. They can also develop and strengthen their overall body muscle with this device.

They like it because they don’t have to pay for more gym membership fee anymore; they can do the whole training inside their house. They can see the result instantly, especially around the shoulder area.What they like more is that this device is also inexpensive, for such big and bulky machine like that. They don’t have to wait long for saving up their money and they can buy the device right away. For them, the shipping mechanism and speed from Amazon is quite satisfying and nice.

Despite the great advantages, however, some users complain about several things. For instance, for them the device can’t really improve the lower body core and strength. No matter how hard they train, their lower body part isn’t as muscled as the upper one. Some users even experience wobbly movements of several parts in their device. They’re wobbly and also squeaky. But they aren’t really surprised with it, considering the low price they have to pay. But they still believe that this Total Gym is truly a great training device that can help them improve their work out session. (read more reviews..)

The Total Gym 1100 can be an ideal training device to help people train and exercise. If they want to their muscle easily, they can always consider buying Total Gym 1100 for health investment. It scores an impressive 4.5 out of a possible 5 on


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