Total Gym 1100


The Total Gym comes in a few different home models, the most basic being the Total Gym 1100. The 1100 offers over 60 different exercises and works every major muscle group – so although it is on the lower rung of the Total Gym ladder, don’t be fooled by this machine – you will be plenty sore and sweaty after a workout session on this machine. Check out our review of the Total Gym 1100.

The Basic Model that Does a Tonne

The Total Gym 1100 is the entry level model and is suggested for beginners as it offers a reduced number of features and exercises compared to the more advanced models. However in reality, the 1100 offers the majority of features and exercises as the next best model (the Total Gym 2000) but does so at a much cheaper price – between $350-$400 less.

With a list price of around $270 the Total Gym 1100 is by far the best bang for your buck in the Total Gym line. It boasts more than 60 exercises that will work all of your major muscle groups, and not only your upper/lower body and abs but it also incorporates a cardiovascular element to give you the most complete workout possible in the comfort of your own home.

As the base model, the Total Gym 1100 offers the standard features and components found throughout the Total Gym line but at the most affordable price. Don’t let it’s basic status fool you, the Total Gym 1100 is highly rated by current users and if you’re thinking about getting started with Total Gym without breaking the bank, this is the model for you.


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