Total Gym 1000


Total Gym 1000 -Home gym that trains all three components of physical fitness: strength, flexibility and aerobic conditioning.

TotalGym 1000 uses resistance provided by your own body weight. With Total Gym 1000 over 60 possible exercises. TotalGym 1000 adjustable incline allows you to use between 6% – 50% of your body weight for resistance.

Constructed of solid steel, Total Gym 1000 comes fully assembled right out of the box. It sets up in seconds and is so uniquely designed that moving from exercise to exercise is quick and easy.

Adjusting resistance is a snap too! With the TotalGym 1000 , you lift a percentage of your body weight against gravity, so the resistance is smooth and fluid. To increase the resistance, simply raise the incline.

What do I get? TotalGym 1000 Instructional video The TotalGym 1000 is the ideal home training system for all your exercise needs. Lightweight and versatile, it challenges all three components of physical fitness: strength, flexibility and aerobic conditioning, at a price you can afford!

Typically, a workout encompassing the three fitness components requires multiple weight machines, free weights, stretching devices, and cardiovascular equipment; Total Gym 1000® does it all on one machine. FAQs How often do I need to use the Total Gym 1000®? We recommend at least 10 to 20 minutes a day, three times per week.

What is the maximum weight that the Total Gym 1000® will support? 275 pounds. How long does it take to assemble? The Total Gym 1000® comes 90% assembled. How does this machine differ from others? The Total Gym 1000® enables you to stretch and condition muscles as well as major muscle groups.

You will stay on this one machine to perform the workout you normally would achieve using many other machines. What are some benefits of using the Total Gym 1000®? The workouts focus on increasing balance, power, strength and flexibility. The effects of the workouts are overall body toning.

You will reduce your normal workout time and exercise in the convenience of your own home. How do I increase or decrease resistance on the Total Gym 1000®? The incline can be adjusted to increase resistance from as low as 4% of your body weight to as high as 50%. Move effortlessly from strength training to toning in seconds!


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