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A wind turbine for home electricity is a device that is used to provide an alternative source of energy. These giant fan looking devices are widely used in open areas to provide electricity to the surrounding area. They have become vastly more popular in recent years, and in some areas, they are even implemented in groups, creating wind farms. The Southwest Windpower Whisper 100 Wind Turbine is a great choice for those who are considering this alternative form of energy.

Of all the wind turbines for home electricity that are available on the market, this Southwest Windpower Whisper 100 Wind Turbine is ultra quiet, as suggested by its charming name. The National Renewable Energy Labs tested this turbine and claimed it to be one of the quietest of its kind. In fact, this is one of the very features that makes it stand out from other similar models. Many desire to own a turbine that operates as quietly as this one.

It also works at a starting wind speed of 7.5 mph, delivering an average of 3.4 kWH each day (100 kWH each month) at a speed of 12 mph. Most who use it will testify that it delivers 900 watts of power per month, as the average wind speed is usually much higher than this.

This cast iron wind turbine for home electricity also comes with a controller that is designed to protect the turbine and storage batteries, and it is equipped with over speed protection to keep the device from being damaged in extreme high winds. It has been tested to withstand high winds up to at least one hundred twenty mph.

The Southwest Windpower Whisper 100 Wind Turbine comes with a twelve month parts and labor warranty, giving a consumer added peace of mind with such an investment, and an extended warranty is available for those who are interested. This turbine is ideal for small homes, business, and cabins or other luxury vacation homes, and it is also often used as a source of backup power in case of electrical power outage. There are a few options for backup power sources, but the turbine needs very little maintenance and has minimal impact on the environment.

wind turbine for home electricity

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