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If you’re looking for a super quiet portable generator look no further than the Generac model 1470, available exclusively from Home Depot. Generac’s 1000 Guardian is another super quiet portable generator choice as well.

The model 1470 offers 7550 running watts but can start at wattage as high as 13500. This super quite portable generator by Generac has a 7-gallon fuel tank, a 15 hp engine, and can run for 10 hours on half a fuel load. It weighs 245 pounds, and comes with a two-year warranty.

Some of the handy features of this super quiet Generac generator include an electric start that is a breeze to use – you just have to push the button; all terrain mobility thanks to its pneumatic wheels; reduction of storage space thanks to its handles that fold down easily; a locking outlet of 30 amps that is ideal for use with almost every transfer switch; an alternator for power switching so you can start several items simultaneously; a gauge that lets you track your fuel level; a lubrication system designed with full pressure, which provides automatic lubrication to keep your super quiet Generac portable generator running for many years of service.

This Generac generator also has an automatic safety shutdown mechanism should its oil pressure become too low for safe use; an idle control fully automated to slow down or shut down when the generator is not in use; a muffler that keeps the generator running super quiet; an automated voltage regulator – crucial for electronics such as laptops and MP3 players which are sensitive; and a battery charger for 12 volt batteries.

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