Top 5 Weightlifting Belts


When used correctly, weightlifting belts can give any weightlifter doing full body exercises a huge advantage on heavy days and sets. By supporting your core, they make you able to lift more faster, which will make you even stronger faster. They also help anyone who has suffered a back injury by taking pressure off the back. You won’t have to miss out on your workout or risk a further injury just because of a sore back.

However, all of these good benefits are only good if you choose the right weightlifting belt for you and your workout. Here are five of the best belts that you can look at to make sure you back stays supported and safe.

Valeo 6-Inch Padded Leather Belt

Leather weight lifting belts have been used since the beginning of modern weight training and for good reason. The leather is sturdy and will give you unmatched support during your workout. However, one of the main problems with leather is that it tends to be uncomfortable on the skin

This belt from Valeo helps solve that problem. It’s double-stitched edges and high quality leather makes it rugged and firm and able to support your body even under the heaviest weights. But, it’s also padded, giving you some extra comfort as well. This padding makes it great not only for use as a powerlifting belt, but also as a everyday belt for professions like movers that require a lot of heavy lifting. See the full review a href=””>here.

Adler Double Buckler Powerlifting Belt

This no-frills, high-quality leather belt from Adler will give you the support that leather belts have been giving weightlifters for generations, but without a bunch of unneeded bells and whistles. The 3/8 inch thick leather is high-quality and designed to last for a long time. However, which the leather is rugged, the belt is lined on the inside with suede to keep down on skin irritation. The result is old school lifting style and support with new school comfort. Check out the full review

Harbringer 5” Firm Fit Strap Belt

Made out of high quality, advanced synthetic materials, this 5-inch weight lifting belt from Harbringer provides the back support that serious lifters need, but also with the comfort usually only reserved for less rugged belts. The foam core inside of the belt even helps to keep your muscles warm, so there is less risk to straining or pulling a cold muscle. Also included are roller buckles that make tensioning easy and give you a more custom fit than many leather belts that have fixed holes. Whatever you’re lifting, this belt will keep your lower back supported and gives you an adjustable, customized fit for each exercise, so you won’t be impeded in your movement. For more information, check out the review.

Altus Athletic Pro Web Lifting Belt

This four-inch wide belt from Altus Athletic provides extra thick webbed support for your time in the gym. The belt only tapers down one inch in the front, giving you three inches of support in the front to make sure that your back is always properly supported. It also comes with a steel roller buckle and attaches with Velcro for a customized fit that you can also adjust incredibly easily. This belt is great for people two want support, but also don’t want to sacrifice comfort and possibly leave their skin feeling raw. For more info and to get your own, see the review

Valero Competition Classic Belt

Our second belt in this list from Valero, this belt is made from synthetic memory foam that will conform to your body on each lift, but then snap back to its original shape once you take it off. This material designed by NASA will give ensure that your belt will perfectly hug your body, giving you a ton of support, but also be comfortable regardless of how tight the belt is. The belt has soft edges to cut down on skin irritation, but the actual belt has a rugged construction that will satisfy even serious lifters. If this weren’t enough, this belt is even washable, so you won’t have to worry about any foul smelling odors building up in it. Check out the review.

These five belts are no doubt some of the best that are available for weight lifters today. Whether you prefer the comfort of synthetic belts or the old-school feel of leather ones, you’re sure to find a belt that you can use for years to come.


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