Top 3 Standby Generators on the Market


If you live in areas that are prone to electrical blackouts due to storms or natural disaster, then you may be on the market for a good, reliable standby generator. But with all the choices out there, who do you go with? By installing a propane or natural gas tank in your yard, you can have the comfort of knowing you have a fuel source that won’t degrade with time, and you can pair it with a super generator. Besides, who wants a tank of diesel fuel or gasoline hanging around? Here is a list of the top 3 most popular units you can find.

Best 8 Portable Generators in 2014

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ProductFuel TypeSizeWeightRunning WattsPriceRating
Yamaha EF2000iSGas19.3 x 11 x 17.944.12000$$$4.7
Westinghouse WH7500EGas27.2 x 20.5 x 222017500$$$4.7
Powermate PM0601250Gas39 x 22 x 303601200$$$$4.8
DuroStar DS4000SGas27 x 20 x 22934000$4.4
Briggs & Stratton 30469Gas28.7 x 18.4 x 25.32006000$$$4.7
Champion Power 46539Gas28.5 x 21.1 x 20.71404000$$4.6
Sportsman GEN7000LPPropane30.8 x 26.5 x 271847000$$$4
Generac 600Propane35.5 x 26.3 x 36.51845500$$$4.1

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The Generac 5837 CorePower Series

This standby generator delivers a constant 7000 watts when your home goes into a blackout. It has 8 breakers and a 50 amp transfer switch to keep everything running on an even keel. It can be operated on either propane or natural gas, and as long as you have fuel, this unit will keep you online well into any emergency.

Other features which make the Generac 5837 a must have: composite pad for mounting which eliminates the need to pour a concrete slab. It also has side panels that are easily removed to gain access to engine and other maintenance points.

Not to be overlooked is how quiet it is compared to most gasoline powered generators. At a running count of 67 decibels, it is slightly quieter than normal conversation, and far quieter than some home standby units. Your neighbors will not be bothered by it and neither will you.

The Generac 5837 Series

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Kohler 14RESAL-200 14,000-Watt Air-Cooled Standby Generator

About 10 seconds after your power goes out, your Kohler kicks in and delivers 14,000 watts of juice to your house. This is more than enough to keep everything going that is essential, and then some.

It has a 725 cc engine that is the pinnacle of efficiency and economy. Superior noise control lets this machine deliver a mere 67 decibels, which is less noise than the sound of city traffic in your car with the windows up. It won’t keep you awake at night, and you will always have the peace that comes from knowing that your home is protected.

If you want a work horse that will power the whole house, and not just certain items, this may be the unit you need. It will take on a 5 ton air conditioner without so much as a grunt, and taking on the entire house is what the Kohler has in store.

Kohler 14RESAL-200 generator

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Generac Guardian Series

Provides you with near instant response with hands free operation during any crisis. The designers thought ahead when they came up with this unit. You will find that it is perfect for areas where there are frequent tornados, hurricanes, or any other high priority storm. The Generac Guardian is rated to keep its integrity during 150 mph winds, so it will be one less thing you worry about during Nature’s tantrums.

The Generac comes complete with a separate circuit breaker for convenient servicing, and it is programmed to let you know when a service interval is called for. When to change the oil is never a guessing game, and the on board systems will alert you if there’s a problem.

10,000 watts should be more than enough to keep your house lighted during a blackout, provided you remembered to get the propane tank filled. The Generac Guardian is designed to run for extended periods, so you never need worry about performance and loyalty. Transfer switch and high tech electrical wizardry ensure that your electrical items make the transition smoothly without over loading, and without damaging sensitive devices. If you want a standby generator that is there when you need it, check out the Guardian.

Generac Guardian Series

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