Top 3 Portable Natural Gas Generator Styles


Portable generators come in a variety of styles that can be used for a multitude of reasons. Some generators are designed to run households, while others are designed for just a few appliances. In general, portable natural gas generator machines come in three styles – recreational, emergency, and professional.

Recreational generators are the smallest of the portable generators. They can bring electricity or electrical appliances into extremely remote areas. Before deciding on the type of recreational generator to purchase, you will need to determine the number of items you need to power and the wattage each item needs.

Wattage for individual appliances can be determined by reading their data plates. However, you can also purchase a wattage meter to determine the exact wattage needed for each individual appliance that you need to power with other appliances all at once.

Recreational generators generally come in two sizes – tiny and small. Tiny generators produce 1,000 watts of power and are capable of powering a single appliance, while small generators produce 2,000 and can power multiple appliances.

The next style of portable natural gas generator types is the emergency generator. People nowadays don’t wish to wait out the next power outage. Therefore, people are turning to portable emergency generators. Of course, in order to determine the best generator for your needs, you will need to know your required wattage. Unlike with the recreational generators, you do not need to know your exact wattage, but simply an estimate. Emergency generators come in three sizes – medium, large and extra large.

Finally, professional grade portable generators are built for heavier and more consistent use. Professional generators also come in a variety of sizes. Small generators in this category produce between 2500-5500 watts of power. This size is very similar to the emergency generators discussed in the previous paragraph. However, larger professional grade generators can produce up to 25,000 watts of power.

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