Top 11 Tips To Get Rid Of Your Belly Fat

Exercise To Lose Belly Fat Fast

Who doesn’t want to transform their fat belly into a flat sexy 6-packs abs, right? And you want to do it quick? Is that possible? It took you 5 – 10 years to develop your round big fat belly, now you want to lose it in a week? A month? Uh.. I don’t think so buddy, I don’t think so. But if you follow exactly what I ask you to do next, you will not fail this, there is 0% for you to fail, unless you failed to do what I said.

11 Things You Need To Do To Lose Belly Fat

1. Stay AWAY from SUGAR!! I can’t say this enough, but this is the first thing you got to do and you must, stay the phuck away from sugar! Sugar is your worst enemy, if you want to start going for flat stomach, start from cutting down your daily sugar intake.

2. Start doing exercise, 2 days a week? 3 days a week? 30 minutes per day? 1 hour per day? No ones care, just start doing it, start changing your life, start living a better life. If you are interested in Yoga, then just go on, do some Yoga, dance if you want to. As long you are not just sitting on your couch all day.

No Time To Go To The Gym? No Problem

3. Take some vitamin, preferable vitamin C, which is essential for weight loss, it turn fat into fuel, that’s how good it is. And if you want to have more than just Vitamin C, then take Multivitamin, which has all the vitamins you need in 1 pill.

4. Stop doing a 1000 sit-ups/crunches and expect to have flat abs. You can do as much sit-ups as you want, but if you don’t have a proper diet plan, you will never going to see your nice sexy abs. Of course you will build more abs muscle by doing abs exercises, but with all the current fat covering it, you will not see it until you start eating healthy.

5. Eat healthy, avoid fast foods, processed foods, and all that craps, they sure taste good, no doubt about it, but if you want to have a flat stomach, you have to stop eating craps. I know it’s hard for some people, especially one’s that has been eating craps for decades. I won’t ask you to change your eating habit from Z to A, no.. It should not be like that, because you will only stress yourself if that is how it’s gonna be. Do this instead… cut down your crap foods intake, if you happen to eat KFC, McDonald’s, or any fast foods for twice a week, then cut it down to once a week or once in 2 weeks if you can be that awesome. Set a goal, and have some discipline!

6. Sleep on time! This is very very important. You think being healthy and good looking is just  about having a good diet and exercise? Hell no, this is all about changing your lifestyle, it is not just about how you look in the mirror, it is also how you live your new and better life too. Try your best to sleep before 11p.m, and sleep 7 – 8 hours. Me, I sleep at 10 every night, wake up at 5a.m and hit the gym hard with all the fresh energy from my sleep.

7. Eat more fiber-rich foods, such as broccoli, spinach, almonds, apples, oatmeal, wholegrain bread, and etc. Eating high fiber rich foods will makes you feel fuller, so that you won’t be craving as often as you usually do.

8. Drink water, drink at least 80 – 100 ounces/2000ml – 3000ml of water daily. Our body are over 70% water, if you don’t drink enough of water daily, it can lead to water imbalance in the body and increase risk of disease. And yes, water helps a lot during the progression of weight loss!

9. Eat fat, yea you heard me. You need fat to burn fat, but that doesn’t mean you should eat more fried foods! Eat fat to burn fat means you consumes fats that are healthy fats, and our bodies will use the healthy fats to burn away the bad ones. Where can you get good fats? Fish, such as salmon, walnuts and etc. Oh don’t forget the Fish Oil soft gel, they are great for anyone who less eating fish or hate eating them.

10. Calorie Intake. Yes guys, this is one of the most important thing you need to focus on if you want your belly fat to disappear. If you happen to eat 3000 calories per day, do your best to decrease it to 2300 – 2500. If you don’t know how to count, then learn, if you don’t want to learn, then just eat less than you normally do, ok?

11. Your Mindset! This journey you are about to begin with, is not easy, if you don’t have the right mindset and the right mentally, then this journey will not be right for you to begin with. Anyone who has weak mentally, will fail in this. This is not about talent, this is about heart, you must have heart in doing this, in changing your life. You must believe you can do this, you must mentally believe before you physically start it.


There is no shortcuts to 6-packs, there is no easy way to accomplish this, it takes hard work, sweat, dedication, discipline, and determination to walk this journey. It’s difficult, it’s hard, but then it is worth it. Trust me guys, if you are able to walk to the finish line of this journey, you then, will know, what life is all about. So come on guys, is time to wake up, is time to make a change, is time to get rid of the damn stupid fat rounded belly. YOU CAN DO IT!!!


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