Top 11 Exercise Benefits For Kids

The Top 11 Exercise Benefits For Kids

I am sure that you have kids, and wondering what are the exercise benefits for your kids, alrighty! then just keep on reading.

We have always heard about people and friends who are working out at the Gym, did a hundred repetitions of push-ups, ran 10 miles on a treadmill and things like that. But do not forget that kids do need exercise too. But unlike the adults,  kids have their exercise while playing around at the playground, dance class, riding bicycle, or playing around with friends at the field. They don’t need to pump iron or run 10 miles per day to stay healthy.

The Top 11 Exercise Benefits For Kids

1. Exercise can strengthens the heart.

– Strong heart mean longer life

2. Helps prevent cancer

– Less chance of getting any kind of cancer

3. Improves in energy levels

– With better energy levels, your kids will do much better in school

4. Reduce the level of blood sugar

5. Less stressed

– Kids nowadays have to study a lot, and that can stress them out. Bring them go out and have some fun to decrease stress level.

6. Have better sleep at night

7. Exercise will increase the blood flow

8. Healthy children sweat more and breathe better

9. Maintain healthy body weight

10. Build and keep healthy muscles, strong, joints and bones.
– They will unlikely to get permanent injury if they have strong and healthy bones.

11. Just like adults, they will have greater self esteem and self images.
– You don’t want your kids to have low self esteem or images, it is very important for them, and exercise will give them greater self esteem and images.

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Nowadays kids barely step their feet outside their house, they doesn’t live like the kids back in the late 80’s, now there is iPad, PSP, Wii, PS4, and so on.. And that is what’s up with the kids nowadays, they play on those digital devices from the age of 1, where ever they go, they have a iPad carried by their parents.. That is what I call The iPad Generation, and parents should know that if you are letting your kids playing and staring at your iPad or any tablet computers, they are in danger for causing them self in some dangerous long term effects.

Now, bring your kids go out often, bring them to the playground or anywhere beside playing on your iPad INSIDE your house. Exercise and stay being healthy is what they really need. Leave the tablet alone at home, and go OUTSIDE to have some fun or family outing.


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