Top 10 Reasons To Own A Blendtec vs Vitamix


Ten reasons why I choose Blendtec vs Vitamix:

icon smile Top 10 Reasons To Own A Blendtec vs Vitamix

Some of the items below were gained from personal experience and others just from doing an obsessive amount of research on the Internet …  and of course everybody knows everything on the Internet is true  .

  1. Having a Blendtec blender in your kitchen really makes it easier to eat more raw fruits and vegetables.  There are just some foods that require a professional grade blender to create a smoothie without waltzing chunks.  Also, having a professional grade blender allows you to blend more frozen food without fear of doing damage to your blender.  To be perfectly honest, either one will get the job done but keep reading below to understand more about my choice.
  2. The BlendTec vs Vitamix is smaller in height (15″ vs.  17.4″)  and weight (8 lbs. vs. 10 lbs. 9 oz.), so it’s more convenient to stored on your countertop and not as heavy to move around the kitchen.
  3. In my opinion the Blendtec is easier to clean than the Vitamix.  To be honest, I don’t own a Vitamix, but looking at all the reviews this is a common issue since the Vitamix has more nooks and crannies to remove food from.
  4. Only the Blendtec has the large flat sided carafe, which they call the wild side pitcher. this larger pitcher really does seem to do a better job than the smaller ones and decreases the blending time.
  5. Automatic settings, one of the nice features of the BlendTec is that it will automatically turn itself off when the cycle is finished. This option is not available on the Vitamix.  This makes it easy for my young children to help out in the kitchen.
  6. I know this isn’t really a buying decision, but Blendtec has the coolest videos.  I mean how many times have you seen someone try to blend a broom with the Vitamix.
  7. Customer service, since I have never had to use the Vitamix customer service I have to say they’re both probably equal as far as I know. But the one time I had to call BlendTec their customer service people did a great job making me happy. Since this first incident with my leaking picture I have called for friends over temperture issue and they continue to stand behind their product and have satisfied all of the claims I have submitted.
  8. Fast food, this is another one that doesn’t matter whether it’s a Blendtec vs Vitamix, but you can really make some fast food with any blender.  But I think we tend to use the Blendtec more because it’s easier to clean up, easy to move around the kitchen and has lots of horsepower.
  9. Wet and dry blending in the same container. That’s right with the Blendtec, you can use the same container to blend both dry foods such as flax whole-wheat grains etc. and smoothies.  The Vitamix has a wet container and a dry container, so you have to purchase the dry container separately for milling seeds and grains.
  10. Less oxidation – Yeah I know you’re probably thinking what oxidation?  That was my first response to some of the reviews on YouTube.  But here’s the deal, with some combinations of the foods tested in the Vitamix and Blendtec, it tended to take less time to blend them in the Blendtec than the Vitamix, which resulted in less oxidation.  How do you determine there was less oxidation?  For instance, when they blended avocado …  the avocado blended in the Vitamix was noticeably darker than the avocado blended in the Blendtec.  So the conclusion was the avacado oxidized less because it did not take as long for it to blend therfore it was exposed to less oxygen and temperature.  The temperature of the food in the Blendtec at the end of the cycle was also noticeably cooler than than the Vitamix.

I recommend purchasing the Wildside Combo directly from the Blendtec website to insure you get the latest model and the full 7 year warranty.

I hope you find these 10 reasons helpful in your research process.  Please post your questions below in the comments and share your reasons for choosing Blendtec vs Vitamix or Vitamix vs Blendtec.

Either way you go have fun blending,


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