Top 10 Foods Rich in Protein for getting a 6 Pack Abs


For those who want to go on a diet or wants to gain some muscles, it’s important to consume more protein. It gives you 4 calories per gram of protein and it’s what builds muscles while the amino acids are the ones that build up the protein. Amino acids have the essential and non-essential amino acids.

The non-essentials are the ones that your body doesn’t need anymore because you already have enough of them but what you’re after are the essential amino acids. Protein supports the muscles and also helps in the production of enzymes and hormones and also boosts your immune system.

Those who exercise have a higher need of protein than those who are living a sedentary lifestyle. Protein also helps in speeding up one’s metabolism.

Here are the 10 foods that are rich in protein that will help you get that 6-pack abs you’re dreaming of.

Egg Albumin – The highest source of egg albumin protein is the cooked egg whites.

Chicken Breast – the breast is low in fat compared to other parts of the chicken and it’s also a great source of protein. Its ratio of potassium and sodium is also good that helps in balancing the water in your body. It also contains different amino acids.

Casein – A protein from milk that slowly releases into the blood stream. The peptides from milk are great in enhancing your body’s recovery from exercises and help in increasing the mass of muscles and also increase your strength.

Whey Protein – Another type of protein you can get from milk but is quick releasing compared to casein. It’s great to consume whey protein after you exercise as it releases into the bloodstream fast and can only last for an hour.

Milk Protein Isolate and Soy Protein Isolate – These 2 are great sources of whey and casein but soy protein is the choice of those who don’t want to drink milk.

Tuna is a great source of protein and it’s a very lean type of meat and contains different branched amino acids.

Salmon is another great fish source of protein. It contains a lot of amino acids and a great food for those who want to develop muscles.

Orange Roughies are also great with a good ratio of potassium and sodium. It’s a great fish for muscle building and also for losing weight.

Sirloin Steak – It is a great source of protein with great ratio of potassium and sodium and also a wonderful source of iron and amino acids.

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