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Instructions on How to Make Coffee with Toddy Cold Brew System

The Washington Post called the Toddy cold brew coffee system “The ultimate coffee maker”. What sets the Toddy coffee maker apart from competitors?


The system delivers fresh-tasting beverage without bitterness or stomach upset – a blessing for sensitive cafe drinkers.

The Toddy is named for its creator, Todd Simpson. Simpson, a chemical engineer and Cornell University graduate, was so impressed by the rich flavor of the coffee at a small Guatemalan café that he immediately returned home and tried to duplicate the brewing process.

The result was a cold brewed coffee concentrate. Simpson added hot water to produce a great cup of coffee with an extra benefit: low acidity. The cold brewing process stripped most of the acidic oils from the coffee beans, leaving behind a smooth liquid that even coffee drinkers with delicate stomachs could enjoy.

How Toddy Cold Brew System Works?

The Toddy cold drip coffee maker has been scientifically tested, and the conclusions are startling. Brewed coffee with the Toddy maker is 67% less acidic than those filtered through the hot process. Further lab tests revealed that hot process contains 3 to 4 times as many acids as cold brewed technique.

To brew coffee with the Toddy, add a pound of freshly ground beans to the plastic brewing container. Gently pour in four cups of water, and let it sit for five minutes.

Add five more cups of water without stirring. Wait twelve hours. After the brewing process is finished, there will be a concentrated coffee liquid in the glass carafe.

For every pound of coffee you brew, the Toddy will produce about 48 ounces of concentrate. To make cold drinks from concentrate, simply add ice and your choice of flavoring. Hot coffee can be produced at a ratio of 1 part concentrate and 2 parts boiling water.

Consumer Reports on Toddy Coffeemaker

Consumers love the Toddy for its simplicity.


Toddy T2N Cold Brew System
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Much like a slow cooker, the Toddy offers a “fix it and forget it” approach to coffee making. Users simply add coffee and water, and let the brew steep overnight. In the morning, they have a delicious and fragrant cup of coffee waiting for them.

The Toddy is a money-saver, too. One brew produces enough concentrate to make 1 ˝ gallons of coffee. Many reviewers insist that the cold-brewed coffee has more caffeine than regular coffee, allowing them to reduce their overall consumption.

Priced under $40, Toddy coffee makers are cheap enough for a personal splurge or for gift-giving. Plus, free shipping is available in the US.

Challenging to Clean

Some reviewers had difficulty cleaning the Toddy. Most of these complained that it was hard to get all of the coffee grounds out of the brewing chamber. Others grew frustrated with how frequently the Toddy’s water filter needed changing.

A few consumers did not like the Toddy’s lightweight design. They feared that the coffee maker was cheap and easily breakable.


The Toddy coffee maker has been serving up delicious cafe drinks for more than fifty years. It is an excellent choice for buyers who have sensitive stomachs and don’t mind waiting for their brew, as it is simply easy and economical to use. If you prefer hot beverage in mere minutes, a more traditional device might be better.

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