TKO Sit-Up Board Review

TKO Sit-Up Board - Photo #1

Every guy knows that the ladies love a firm, toned midsection. And you don’t have to slave away doing sit ups four hours a day to achieve well defined, attractive abs.

Why not use a few select tools to help you in your quest for stronger, flatter abs? To create well defined abdominals, you can use an ab board and get really efficient results.

Under review is the TKO Sit Up Bench; a well designed sit up bench that you can use anywhere in your own home.

Every TKO Sit Up Bench comes with…

  • A comfortable 23-degree angled pad
  • A convenient front mounted handle for easy on-and-off
  • Rear transport wheels that makes moving this sit up bench a breeze
  • A space saving design for abdominal exercises when space is at a premium
  • Heavy duty, commercial grade construction

You will be able to find the TKO Sit Up Bench at several different stores online; and expect to pay between $160 to $180. And the shipping is included in the purchase price from most stores.

The TKO Sit Up Bench- A Strong, Comfortable Sit Up Bench

We received our TKO Sit Up Bench in five days, and upon unpacking and inspection, this is a strong, well built piece of exercise equipment.

Assembly was very easy and was completed in about twenty minutes; and the included wrenches in the assembly kit were nice so you weren’t hunting around for extra tools.

While heavy duty enough to use in commercial gyms, the TKO Sit Up Bench is surprisingly light at around 45 pounds.

The rollers on the base of the sit up bench make maneuvering this piece of exercise equipment around the house very easy; and the welded handle on the front of the TKO sit up bench is a nice touch that other ab boards are lacking.

The base of the sit up bench is broad enough for excellent balance; if you have used other ab boards, you know how unbalanced they feel as you are working out with them. And the padding on the board is very comfortable as well.

And the TKO Sit Up Bench is ideal if you have limited work out space available to you.

It measures in at 25 inches by 24 inches by 50 inches long; and has a 23 degree angled pad so you can really get the burn as you are doing your abs workout.

And it is full length enough so that even taller individuals can use the TKO sit up bench without hitting the back of their head on the floor.

If you’re over 6 foot 2 or here, you may not be able to recline fully on this board; but if you are doing crunches or sit ups the correct way, you are not supposed to lay back fully between reps in the first place.

The TKO Sit Up Bench – Two Things We Noticed

There were only two things we noticed with this high quality sit up bench.

This is strong enough to be used in commercial gyms; but the incline could have been a little higher. If you are just starting out with your sit up and crunches routine, then this will work fine for you.

But if you are more experienced, then the incline may not be high enough for you at 26 degrees. It is a “one size fits all” bench; so if you have been doing ab exercises on a consistent basis for a while, then you may want to consider an adjustable ab board.

Second, the bench narrows for some reason at the far end of the bench. This is not a big problems; but if you are trying to do any oblique work or side sit ups, your butt may become unbalanced and slide off the bench.

The TKO Sit Up Bench – A Well Constructed, Efficient Piece of Workout Equipment

Minor issues aside, the TKO Sit Up Bench is a high quality, well constructed sit up bench that is easy to use and store.

It is easy to move around and is designed for use in tight spaces. It is comfortable, yet durable; and while you may find less expensive sit up boards, you will notice the difference one you start using the TKO Sit Up Bench.

For the money, the TKO Sit Up Bench is an exceptional value, and should last you for years to come.


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