TITLE Liquishock Water Heavy Bag


Title have released a heavy bag, which steers away from there usual fabric and sand filled bags. It is a water filled bag, with a foam lining. We took a look at what it can offer in the gym, and how effective striking a water filled bag is. To see more about water filled bags, see our heavy bag filler guide.

The Title Liquishock is a hanging bag, that comes complete with chains and swivel. The fact it comes in different weight options is a huge plus point for us, as everybody can experience the unique feel of training with a water filled bag. The four different sizes available are 100, 140, 180 and even 200 pound options. The size starts off at 3 feet, and increases to 4 foot as you go up in size. It ships unfilled, but is more than easy enough to fill up. The fact it can be drained makes it great fro transportation, while still offering a very weighty bag for heavy striking.

The unique feel of  Title and their trademark Liquishock system really is something quite extraordinary. It has water deep inside the core, and then the 3 inches of unique foam and synthetic blended to give a softer more lifelike response. Knowing you have the weight of the water, cushioned with the soft foam gives a training experience hard to replicate. It really helps give you a consistent, and strong strike zone all over the bag. We find sand, and fabric filled bags simply can not match it. It was perfect for boxing strikes, kicks and can even be taken down and refilled before hanging if you want to practice ground and pound, or grappling style work.

We suggest looking at our heavy bag guide to see which size would be appropriate for your style of training. Our tester weighed 210 pounds and was striking with full force the 140 weight bag and had no complaints. It was perfect for building genuine power, and also offers enough of a swing to work on technique and timing. The many size options means you can find an option to fit even the heaviest of heavyweights. The shortness of the bag did put accuracy at a premium though, so be aware of this before purchasing. It is good for up close inside style striking, and if you want to attack from range you will certainly be able to improve your accuracy with this.

Durability was no problem due to the poly canvas cover, and it had a real hard wearing feel, and was top quality over weeks of testing. Reviewers on Amazon have given it an average of 4.5 stars out of 13 reviews showing a great level of satisfaction, that we would echo. It also has very tough stitching and a synthetic bladder inside to make leaks and damage close to impossible. We have seen reviews of people using it for months and have had no problems.

The Title Liquishock bag is a fantastic addition to anybody looking for a versatile bag that can still take the heaviest of power shots. Heavyweights that struggle for a bag heavy enough to withstand the power, and not over swing will not be disappointed with this. The feel when striking is supreme, and amongst the most consistent we have ever seen. To put it simply, this is the best water filled bag we have ever seen. He price is reasonable for such a high quality piece of equipment, and it comes with a 10 year guarantee on any leaks to the synthetic bladder. Highly recommended 9.5/10.


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