Tips For Covering Your Portable Generator and Cord


Briggs and Stratton, the long time portable generator folks, are the source for your generator cover as well. Briggs and Stratton makes portable generator covers as well as covers for generator cords.

Generator cord covers come in light, medium or heavy capacity.

When you need a cover for your portable generator you’ll have many from which to choose. Especially if your portable generator is used at a construction site you’re going to want to cover your cord, not only to protect the cord and the portable generator but the workers themselves. Large pipes or cables for the portable generators or other equipment might be stretched a long ways across your work site, to power lights and other electrical equipment.

Continual foot traffic or vehicles driving over them can damage the portable generator cords, and can disrupt the flow of energy as well. Your best protection is with a cover for the portable generator cords.

You may see people using duct tape instead of buying a cover for their portable generator cord. Not only is it ugly, but it’s also not efficient and it can damage an interior floor. Duct tape does come unstuck, and then it’s highly unsafe. Cord covers for your portable generator are your most efficient and safest choice.

These covers are simple to install prior to using your portable generator. All you have to do is open the slit on the bottom of the cover’s plastic strip and insert the cord to your portable generator. Then you cut it to the right length with a utility knife or good pair of scissors. You can choose a cover for your portable generator in black and gray, and in either a 6 foot or 15 foot length.

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