Timberland PRO Women’s Renova Slip-On


Timberland’s PRO Women’s Renova Slip-on are an innovation in comfort that will make your feet and legs thank you for having these shoes When you have to work long hours standing, comfort and grip are the only two things that you look for in your shoes. The Renova Slip-On is the perfect fit to suit the needs for such purpose. Designed for convenience, the perfect blend of endurance and relaxation give these shoes a major advantage over the others available in the market.

Premium full grain leathers

A thing is only as strong as the material it is made from. The premium full grain leathers used to make this product are the strongest leather one can find in the market at present. This leather serves the purpose of being tight grained, which makes it resistant to moisture. When you are wearing shoes for a long period of time, you will want to make them last through every kind of season and surface. The full grain leather used in the making of these shoes provides just that. The leather has the unique feature of gaining in looks over time. The shoes will have a better sheen to them, thus, looking better if handled properly.

Micro suede Upper linings

Using micro suede linings, which are hundred times as fine as a human hair, makes the uppers linings in the Renova Slip-On. These linings serve the purpose of suede leather as it has the same strength and last as long. The advantage of having the micro suede linings in the shoes is that it makes it easier to clean. The linings of the shoes are where the dust and dirt stay deposited and it takes a tremendous effort to take all of it out. Having the micro suede upper linings makes it easier to use and clean.

Outstanding Style and Durability

When you are buying a pair of shoes, the first thing that catches the eye is the style. These shoes are sure to come to notice at first glance, as their stylish looks make them stand out from the rest of the shoes. The durability of the shoes is the USP of the product. Designed to withstand even the longest hours of walking and standing, the brand has focused on the strength of the shoes.

Heel-to-toe rocker    

The round-bottomed sole of the shoes ensure that even the lesser-worked muscles in the legs are worked properly while the rest of the muscles are at work. The working of these muscles makes them tighter, thus ensuring proper posture throughout the period of working. The therapeutic qualities of the shoes are much needed when the work hours are long and hard. The health is a prime concern that any person will have.

Timberland’s Pro Anti-Fatigue Technology

With the prime focus being comfort, it is important that all the energy in the feet be retained to be able to work even the longest shifts. The Anti-Fatigue Technology developed by Timberland is an innovation that helps absorb the shocks of multiple terrains and retains energy at major points of the sole of the foot by providing maximum support.

Temperature regulating foot-bed

To increase the comfort of the user, the foot-bed regulates the temperature to ensure that the feet are not exhausted. Knowing that the users will be wearing these shoes for long hours even in the hottest and coldest of temperature, Timberland has made sure that the temperature has no effect on the work of the wearer.


  1. Extreme comfort for long hours
  2. Increased durability and support
  3. Innovative Anti-Fatigue Technology
  4. Therapeutic head-to-toe rocker design ensures proper movement.
  5. Perfect blend of style and comfort
  6. Temperature regulating foot-bed


  1. Purpose limited to workplace only
  2. Can be a bit heavy
  3. Reviewed to be longer than necessary
  4. Round-bottom sole may have adverse effects

Boasting an innovative style that is perfectly blended with the comfort aimed at, these shoes are one of the best in their category. Accustomed to good reviews, when you buy these shoes, it is impossible to like any other shoe. The purpose these shoes have been designed for is well fulfilled, as the comfort and durability are equally imminent in the working of these shoes.


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