Three Keys to Firm Abs


Firm abs not only make you look awesome when you hit the beach, they also have some very important health benefits. Strong abdominal muscles help to support your back and act as a good support for your organs. Firm abs help you have good posture so that your internal organs are not cramped which allows them to function at a more optimal level. Apart from the aesthetics, a fit, firm core improves your overall health. If you are a woman, firm abs can make pregnancy, labor and delivery much easier, plus, your body will “snap back” much quicker and easier if you were fit in the beginning.

If you want to get firm abs, you are going to need to work for them. A good combination of good nutrition, cardiovascular exercise, abdominal exercises and weight bearing exercises will help you get the firm abs that you want, plus sexy definition. When you infuse your body with good nutrition, fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean meats, you lay the groundwork for strong, healthy muscles – and fit, firm abs.

Cardiovascular exercise will help you to burn fat and lean up so that you have more definition as you build muscle. Twenty to thirty minutes a day, three to five days a week, will help you burn the fat that is hiding the new muscle that you are building. Don’t go over thirty minutes, you want to keep an intricate balance of cardio, weight and floor exercises in order to sculpt your body to the shape that you want.

While you are working out your various muscle groups, upper body one day and lower body the next, you can work your abdominals every day. The abdominal muscles are the only group of muscles that do not require the 48 hours rest period. This means that you can incorporate abdominal exercises into your workout every day! You may want to work your lower abs one day and your upper abs the next. You can also work both sets three or four days a week – you do need some time to rest and you certainly do not want to overwork your abs.

When you begin to construct your firm abs workout, train your lower abs first. This set of muscles tends to be weaker than the upper ab muscles. They are also usually less developed. So, when you begin your workout, train your lower abs first and then move on to your upper abs. This way after you work your lower abs your upper abs won’t be too tired to perform. If you do it the other way around, your lower abs will be too tired and they will not develop as quickly. Reverse crunches are ideal for a lower abdominal workout.

Regular cardiovascular exercises will help your body become lean and strong. Cardio is a necessity for getting into shape. Combine the cardio with good nutrition, floor exercises and weight training and you can have the lean body and firm abs that you want. Change up your workout regularly and you can even try some interval training and you will find yourself fit in no time – and you will have the firm abs that you have always wanted.

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