Things To Keep In Mind When Selecting The Best Miter Saw


A miter saw is an indispensable tool for any workshop because it comes in handy for tackling varying amounts of workload from minor DIY (Do It Yourself) projects at home to serious commercial assignments. There is a wide variety of miter saw models available in the market and as you start exploring your options you will realize that ample research in required in order to get to the best miter saw for yourself.

In order to evaluate the models and see which would make the best miter saw for your requirements you need to clarify a few basic points. Firstly, what are the kinds and sizes of materials that you will be dealing with? Do you require making compound cuts or beveling cuts? Do you need to use your miter saw for prolonged cutting sessions? Will the power outlet be always within your hand’s reach? Once the answers to these questions are evident, selecting a miter saw no longer seems to be such a daunting task.

Miter saws are manufactured in a variety of configurations. Certain sizes of miter saws would be more suited for particular types of materials and each tool would offer specific cutting capabilities in order to fulfill the needs of certain applications. Choosing the best miter saw is important because the right saw will be able to help you substantially to reduce the duration of your projects thus rendering the task of tackling your projects much easier and definitely more enjoyable.

Generally, an array of circular blades would be provided with the miter saw as a part of the package. Each of these circular blades is designed for the purpose of handling specific tasks and depending on what your needs are you can take your pick from the collection offered. These blades offer freedom and greater versatility for the users. The rule of the thumb here is to purchase a miter saw which can grow with your demands and caters to a wide range of applications.

You need to be aware of all the different types of miter saws so that you can determine the best miter saw among these. The standard miter saw would have a vertical blade that is fixed but can pivot and therefore this provides horizontal angle cuts only. Next is the compound saw – its blade can rotate horizontally and vertically and can create angle cuts when used for dual planes. While in terms of applications it is the latter which is more useful, the former has the advantage of being economically priced.

The third type of miter saw is an upgrade of the compound saw and is known as the sliding compound saw. It consists of additional sliding arms to facilitate broader cuts. Fourth and last in the series is called the dual compound saw. This is an upgrade of the sliding compound saw and it allows the user to tilt the sliding arms left and right while making cuts. It is advisable to keep the intended applications in mind while evaluating the various models of miter saw.

One of the must-have features in a miter saw which separates the average varieties from the best miter saw is the laser guide. Having this feature in your miter saw will ensure that you get great results every time. With the help of the laser guide, you will be able to line the saw’s blade in sync with the desired cut line so as to obtain accurate and precise cuts.

If you want to invest in an accessory for your miter saw then stands would make great buys. If portability is the feature that you are looking for then get a stand which has wheels. On the other hand, if you have to deal with long stock regularly then even the best miter saw won’t be enough and you will need a dream team. The other half of the dream team would be a stand which has extensions that can be lengthened in order to support long work-pieces.


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