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This is an overview of why Thermos grills by Charbroil, especially the Grill2Go Advantage series are much liked by people who enjoy versatile cooking surfaces and controlled flames. The gas grill is easy to set up, adding to an overall convenience.

Generally, people prefer gas bbq grills which are quick to set up and simple to assemble over the ones which have abundant features but are complicated enough to put together. However, Thermos grills are feature-packed and have all the bells and whistles of a gas grill for even the most trying chef.

Brief Information About Thermos

Thermos Company started in 1904 and their technological advancements have put them in the limelight for almost a century. The company went through a series of turbulent times initially due to wars and was eventually taken over by The American Thermos Bottle Company in 1955, which went on to acquire companies that manufactured grills. Today, the company owned by Nissan and runs as Thermos Nissan.

Best Features of Thermos Gas Grill

Here are a few good reasons why Thermos grill is a great outdoor companion for cooking.

  1. Ease-of-use: This is perhaps the most wanted feature by a customer. Thermos grills fit into this criterion quite well as even the first timers won’t have problems in setting it up. Most of the models of these grills come with side trays which can easily slide on and off.
  2. Superb grilling experience: These grills are designed while keeping a user’s ease in mind. So, they all have a foot pedestal to push them up and down. There is a sparker button for users who prefer to light it up with a match. The side trays are the highlight of these grills as they can be used to hold things like spatula, tongs etc.
  3. You can clean the Thermos gas grill easily. Most of the grills come with aluminum grills on which the food gets stuck so badly that it is impossible to clean it. But since these grills have a non-stick cooking area, the cleaning task becomes undemanding. The Thermos gas grills have a collection jar at the bottom that allows grease along a channel into it. Additionally, the grills come with a cleaning kit.
  4. Imagine having a cooler with a grill! Most of the grills include a cooler which can keep the content cool for more than 24 hrs. This allows you to have chilled beer even when you are outdoors.

Top Models of Thermos Grills

thermos gas grill

Char-Broil 06401206 Grill2Go Advantage Portable Outdoor Gas Grill
is a 16,000 BTU portable Thermos gas grill with a large cooking area of 308 sq in. It has a Teflon-coated 140 sq in griddle on which you can easily make the pancakes and eggs. The stainless steel burners can be independently controlled for optimal temperature over the entire cooking surface. It has dual locking leg supports which can be easily unlocked, folded and wheeled to your desired location. The Grill-2-Go Advantage side-shelves can be folded and when opened offer a transport pull handle, tool hooks and even a car flag holder. Apart from that there’s a trash bag holder and a paper towel holder.

Despite so many features, some customers complain that it takes an hour to assemble the grill. To initiate grilling you have first take off the grill, extend the legs and then set the grill on top. You can’t just extend the legs and start grilling. This Thermos gas grill doesn’t have a propane gauge to know how much gas is left.

thermos grill 2 go express

Thermos Grill2Go Express by Char-Broil
is another popular Thermos gas grill with the tailgaters. It includes a free 4′ adapter hose, a spatula and a tong. Integrated with latest technology, this grill uses about 10,000 BTUs of power and has 200 Sq in of porcelain coated open flame grates. You can fire the burners with the help of rotary turn ignition system. Its easy portability can be attributed to folding side shelves and legs. In addition to the traditional features of Grill2Go Advantage, Express also has grease tray and a removable nightlight handle for easy use at nights.

Thermos Grill2Go Gas Grill by Char-Broil
is a durable and rust resistant grill that breaks down into two pieces for easy storage and portability. The Grill-2-Go advantage is that it offers mobility of a portable grill along with cooking features akin to a full size gas grill. Not only it is lightweight and sturdy, its compact rectangular size will easily fit into any vehicle. Basically it is big enough to support a party demand and small enough to pack up and get transported. However a few customers complain that its flame is too low and doesn’t reach the food well.


Overall the Thermos grills are well liked by customers mostly because of the fact that they are easy to use with great portability. They don’t have complicated features, but provide great grilling experience to a plethora of demographics ranging from campers to backyard parties. Additionally, they are affordable.

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