The Secret to Long Eyelashes – Techniques Revealed


 The longer the better, that’s what they say..

There are but a few parts of the body that we can equate with femininity, and long eyelashes are definitely on the list. Just like large breasts, rounded buttocks, and the highly sought-after hourglass figure can make women feel sexier, long eyelashes also need to be developed and accentuated to bring your womanly charms to their maximum potential.

Thankfully, there are now certain ways available on how to get longer eyelashes, and you don’t need to rely on good genes to get celebrity lashes in this day and age. From inexpensive makeup and mascara to the more daring and costly hospital transplant, there are plenty of services, tips, and techniques that you can effectively utilize to get that dream look you’re looking forward to. Here are five.

1. Eyelash extensions

Just like the name says, these are your ordinary hair extensions except they’re made for your lashes. Eyelash extensions are usually taken from human hair or a synthetic material that mimics hair as closely as possible. They also come in a temporary form where you can remove them whenever you want, as well as a permanent form where each extension is attached to your regular lash individually and only come off when the natural lash itself falls out. Quality eyelash extensions are moderately expensive, ranging from about $100 to $500. They are readily available for purchase and attachment at local beauty and treatment salons.

Click here to see our easy guide on how to put on eyelash extensions.

 Each artificial lash is individually attached to your regular lashes.

2. Cosmetics

Sometimes just the illusion of having long lashes can get the same response as the real ones. When you don’t want to artificially enhance your lashes with extensions, you can always highlight them with good old fashioned cosmetics that you can buy at any store.

  • Mascara – comes with a small brush that when applied to the eyelashes can make them darker, curlier, and thicker. The mascara also has a variety of colors to give your lashes another tint on the spectrum if you want to separate yourself from the crowd.
  • Eyeliner – eyeliners can give you that extra highlight on your eyes by accentuating the lower and upper eyelids.
  • Eye shadow – still another wonder worker that can cause your gaze to become more tantalizing by adding depth and dimension to the eyelids and eyebrows.

There are still others more, and many beauty salons will carefully give you the look you want for a reasonable rate using proven cosmetic techniques. Best of all, they provide you with almost the same effect as the more permanent methods out there.

 Just the normal way for me, please

3. Eyelash curler

Another less expensive way to make your eyelashes appear longer is with an eyelash curler. Although the curler looks like a medieval torture device to the untrained eye, it’s actually a decent alternative that gives your eyelashes that extra panache and angle to really stand out. Some prefer to heat the curler before using, but make sure you don’t overheat the apparatus to prevent burning your delicate lashes.

 This tool works wonders. Just try not to poke your eye out.


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