The Quest for Killer Perfect Abs


When you begin to work for your killer abs, you need to understand that it definitely won’t happen overnight. It is important that you start slow and gradually build up and work out properly. See, in order to get killer abs or to see the results of your hard work your body needs not only proper workouts but proper rest as well. Quality is also more important quantity. So, how do you embark on your quest for killer abs? The answers are easier than you may think.

If you have never worked out or you haven’t worked out in a long time, you need to start slow. It will do you absolutely no good to go into the gym and work furiously for several hours a day. If you do this, you are wasting time and energy. You need to work up to a more strenuous workout. If you jump right in, you put yourself at great risk of injury. You also do very little to help your body get killer abs. Do yourself and your body a favor and take it slow.

Another roadblock in your quest for killer abs is overtraining. This is a common, yet serious problem that can frustrate you and hinder your progress. Overtraining syndrome will definitely keep you for achieving your killer abs. Instead, it will cause you to experience decreased performance, greater fatigue, muscle soreness that just won’t go away and disturbances in your mood. Overtraining can also make you feel burned out or stale. This is a very real syndrome that can be confused with other disorders or conditions. Your physician will need to rule out these other conditions before being able to diagnose overtraining syndrome and thus helping you.

Overtraining is not the path to killer abs. See, your body needs adequate rest between exercises in order to recover and grow. Your muscles grow when they are resting after a workout so it all works together. When you just work and work and work without any period of rest or without giving your muscles a chance to recover, they just become weaker and weaker and stay the same size – or sometimes that even shrink. This will give your mid section a flabby effect so that your killer abs are nothing but shrinking violets that are flabby and undefined.

You can have the top workout programs doing the best exercises in the most optimum form and workout for years but never see results. The human body requires a delicate balance of training, time, diet and exercise in order for you to be able to sculpt it into what you want. If you want killer abs, you do need to work for them, but you need to give them some rest as well.

Now don’t go the other way and just work out one or two days a month. This is equally ineffective. Find a good balance where you work out several days a week. Your entire weight workout should not exceed 45 minutes. Do 20 to 30 minutes of cardio and a maximum of 45 minutes of weights and give each muscle group 48 hours to rest and you will see results. You will lose weight, gain mass and see the killer abs that you are working so hard to get.


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