The Key to Hard Abs: Resistance Training


Hard abs are desired by many people. Aside from the great aesthetics, hard abs also help to improve posture which prevents the organs from being crowded as well as help to support the back. So, how can you get rock hard abs? Ask ten different people and you will get ten different answers. It seems that every gym rat has a secret technique that will get you toned and tight, but the truth is different bodies respond to different methods. However, resistance training is one of the most successful methods of helping people get the hard abs that they want.

Resistance training is just what it says, a type of training that uses resistance against the force of a muscular contraction. This is often accomplished with the use of some type of tension such as exercise machines, swimming machines and resistance bands. Resistance training is a type of strength training that uses two types of exercises:
* Isotonic – a body part moves against a force
* Isometric – a body part remains still against a force
When resistance is done properly, it can provide great benefits such as those rock hard abs that you want so badly.

When you do resistance training, you make your muscles (musculoskeletal system) stronger by a gradual and progressive means of overloading them. This type of training has been proven to not only tone and strengthen muscles in the body, it also increases bone mass. This is particularly important if you are a female because resistance training can be an effective means of protecting your body against osteoporosis.

Resistance training that is done in water, such as water aerobics, is very effective in achieving hard abs and toned muscles, but it is much gentler on the joints. This is good news for people who have joint problems, back problems or other mobility issues. Water makes the body essentially weightless so there is less chance of injury that is related to exercise or stress. An added benefit of exercising in water is that you not only get resistance training, but you get a cardio workout as well.

Strength training with an elastic resistance band can give you the hard abs that you want. With this type of training, you can target certain muscle groups and you can get your resistance bands in a variety of resistance levels. Make sure that you get a band with a resistance level that is right for your fitness level. If you start out with a band that is too heavy you risk injuring yourself. Don’t rush things. Remember, you have to crawl before you can walk, so start with a light or medium resistance level band and work your way up to heavy and even extra heavy. The point is to do it smart.

Weight training is also a form of resistance training. You don’t need fancy weights, though to get resistance training through the use of weights. You can use bricks, canned goods and even your own body weight. As long as the item forces your muscles to contract, it will work. Weight training is long known to give people rock hard abs in a short time. The consideration here is to make sure that you maintain proper form when executing the exercises.

Rock hard abs are within your reach. It does take some hard work and lots of commitment. As long as you stick with it, though, you can do it.


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