The Genetics of Ripped Abs


You’ve known people throughout your life that are able to eat anything they want as often as they want and still have great bodies. Those are the people that everyone wants to be like. You sit and have your salad with dressing on the side while these people shovel in huge amounts of fried foods and desserts.

Even worse, they seem to feel the need to point out all the time how they can just eat and eat and not gain a pound. Though you may hate these people, you should understand that the reason for it is good genetics. When you comprehend a little more of how it all works, you’ll see why it’s so easy for some people to have ripped abs while being a struggle for others.

The three different body types are ectomorph, endomorph, and mesomorph. They are very different in shape and size as well as their metabolic speeds. Those irritating skinny people are the ectomorphs. These people are naturally skinny and have a lightning fast metabolism. While appearing to be the perfect body type, they do have their issues.

For instance, they have a really hard time gaining weight and muscle mass due to that high metabolism. If they want to bulk up, they have to eat a huge amount of food as well as work out really hard.

Endomorphs are naturally fat and tend to carry a round shape. They’re the opposite of the ectomorph. All they have to do is look at a piece of cake and they’ll gain weight. That’s because their metabolic rate is the slowest of all. However, they can gain muscle and strength as well as strong ripped abs pretty easily. Once they get rid of the fat, that muscle can be seen. In order to do that, they may want to check into the Sensa Team while also ensuring that there’s balanced nutrition in their diet.

In the middle, is the mesomorph; the luckiest of them all. These people have naturally broad shoulders and slim waists. They make perfect fitness models and bodybuilders. Mesomorphs lose fat as quickly as ectomorphs and gain muscle as well as endomorphs. This equals the best of both worlds.

Now, while there’s nothing you can do about your genetic history, you can still have the body you want by tailoring your diet and exercise regimen to your needs. All it takes is knowing your goals and reaching out for them.

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