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Just a quick glance at the the Flex Belt reviews on Amazon is more than enough to indicate that The Flex Belt by Slendertone is the real deal. Unlike many automatic “miracle best ab machine” gimmicks, The Flex Belt uses medical standard EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) technology to give your abdominals a thorough workout without you having to do any hard work whatsoever. Aside from the unique medical-calibre technology, the main selling point of the Flex Belt is the massive range of 99 intensity levels as well as 7 workout programs which together provide the ultimate in user customization, catering to people from the entire spectrum of fitness levels. Not only are the Flex Belt reviews positive online, the product has also been recognised with the Consumer Goods Award in 2005. Of all the ab machines that work, the Flex Belt is the only product which involves automatic muscular stimulation via electrical means.

Features from the Flex Belt reviews page:

  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) providing medical standard full abdominal workout
  • 7 pre-programmed workouts and 99 levels of resistance
  • Minimum waist: 24″ Maximum waist 47″
  • 3 Gel Pads included
  • 2 year full warranty

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Even before I read the Flex Belt reviews, I was naturally skeptical. Like most people, I asked myself, how can you get ripped abs by doing nothing but wear a belt? Don’t you have to actually move to get ripped abs? I investigated the Flex Belt by Slendertone and was surprised by the fact that it is FDA approved (and was the first ab belt to be granted this approval) as well as winning various awards. What made me take this item seriously, however, was the fact that it uses medical standard technology to stimulate the muscles, and its method of working is proven by medical science rather than being some sort of hocus-pocus magic device. This is actually the only “auto-trainer” I have chosen to review, simply because of its technology being supported by medical science. I could not recommend any other belt to my readers, though there are very many of them out there these days – only the Flex Belt falls into the category of ab machines that work.

Customers appear to be initially skeptical, just as I was, but after using the Flex Belt, they generally start to realise that it really does work. The vast majority of the Flex Belt reviews are positive, which is very difficult to achieve with any abdominal trainer product not necessarily because all ab trainers are poor quality, but because they are simply not being used. Even the best ab machine out there has to be actively used in order for the owner to derive any benefit from it. People buy the next quick fix, and once they realise that they actually have to workout for 5 to 10 minutes a day to get the abs they want, they just quit and leave frustrated reviews. The Flex Belt reviews are more positive because it doesn’t really require much work, aside from the inconvenience of putting it on each day. The bottom line from all the Flex Belt reviews I’ve read is that this belt really does work, it is remarkably powerful for just 3 AA batteries, and that you don’t have to apply any gel because the Flex Belt has sticky gel pads which fit the contours of your body precisely.

There are, however, disadvantages to this product which most of the Flex Belt reviews might not necessarily have covered. However, one very astute reviewer, who is a physician, rightly states that great abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym. Whatever you do with the Flex Belt or any other ab machine, if your body fat is over 10% you won’t see your abs, however strong they are. If you want a bit more strength with minimum work, then the Flex Belt is a good choice; but if you are serious about visible abs, you will concentrate as much on diet and losing body fat through cardio exercise as you do to strengthening your abdominals themselves. We can debate endlessly which is the best ab machine, which ab machines work and which ones don’t, but if you eat junk food all day and are obese, the first step is to fix your diet, not to grab a belt to automatically build abs beneath a giant layer of fat. Sure, the Flex Belt is one of the best ab machines, certainly the best ab belt out there, but I ask my readers to please think of their diet FIRST, and then deal with the abs.

Finally – and this is why I personally still prefer ab exercise machines over the Flex Belt, despite the Flex Belt reviews being overall more positive – your connections between your brain and your abdominal muscles won’t be anywhere near as strong if you constantly use electrical means to stimulate them. When you workout normally, for example, you do a crunch on the Ab Rocket or something, you are still moving yourself and you are thus forging stronger neurological connections with your brain. This strengthens your muscles and the time it takes you to contract your muscles also. Persistent use of the Flex Belt wouldn’t teach your body to contract the abs itself, and that is why, unless you really hate exercise of your own accord, you should look at the reviews of the other ab products available on this site. Trust me, compared to regular crunches, they reduce the pain tremendously, but you still have to move yourself. Therefore, while the Flex Belt is the only automatic belt that can claim to be one of the ab machines that work, it is actually not the best ab machine for people looking to truly strengthen their core. However, for the time pressed businessman who needs a nice looking set of abs for the summer, the Flex Belt is ideal.


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