The Fleshlight Stamina Training Male Masturbator Review


If you are looking to improve your sexual stamina and get a whole bucket load of pleasure at the same time, then choose the Fleshlight stamina male masturbator, becuse it rocks!



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Whats so great about it?

fleshlight stamina

The power and the glory

This product is truly something which many men need, a pocket pussy which is so comfortable that if you can last for 10 minutes using it, you can last for 20 minutes with anyone in bed (no matter how tight and wet they are!).This is what the Fleshlight Stamina Training Male Masturbator, Pink Lady proclaims, I have used it myself and it nearly turned me off the real thing it was so comfortable (well not quite!).

This is from the creators of the Fleshlight original and they have not disappointed with this model which has been very much perfected. The masturbation sleeve which it has is made to be as life like as possible, with what they call reel feel super skin. It also has inner canal features which are designed for maxim erotic pleasure and sensation. Not only is this product great and fun to use, but it also comes with a special training booklet which will teach you different techniques to improve your stamina in the bedroom. With this you should never have to cum early and embarrass yourself again!

I have seen the reviews and many are saying that this product is just too good, some even say that after using it you will never be able to masturbate with your hand again! I used it and the first time I lasted no more than a few minutes, that was quite incredible seeing as I normally need atleast ten minutes to reach climax when jerking off myself. I have noticed that I can last much longer now with my girl too, even sometimes if I am lazy I will choose it over her!

Any Disadvantages?

Price- The Fleshlight stamina costs about 59-70 dollars (depending where you buy it) which is more expensive than other masturbators such as the Sue Johnson or California Exotics fake vagina. However, it is about half the price of a Tenga Flip Hole.

Size- This is a big toy and it is not going to pass off as something else. If you want to buy a sex toy that you can hide in the bathroom, then this is not it.

What you need to know:

  1. This product is designed to bring you pleasure to the max, like the real thing only tigher and with more suction.
  2. It will increase your sexual stamina with daily use, it comes with an instruction booklet which will show you how.
  3. It is highly addictive so watch out!
  4. It costs 54.21 and comes with excellent reviews.

Where to Buy?

At you can get your Stamina + lubricant for the cheapest price anywhere (59 dollars!). You can also choose from a wide variety of other Flesh light products, as well as build your own.

Check It Out At

Whats so great about it?

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