The Comfort of Heated Socks


The comfort of heated socks is not just limited to providing warmth for one’s feet during the cold season. A nice pair of these warm socks can also be a solution when it comes to tired and aching feet, whether it is the cold season or not.

Before moving on to the benefits of and the comfort given by heated socks, perhaps it would be better to take a look at what these really are. When people hear about them, especially those who discover it for the first time, they have questions which are frequently asked by many others. What exactly are heated socks? How do they become heated?

How long do these socks keep warm? Are they safe to us for long periods? Can they only be used indoors for warming, or can heated socks be used for outdoor activities just like regular pairs of socks? These and other questions will now find their answers.

Warmthru Heated Socks

What are Heated Socks?

Heated socks are just like most regular socks, except that they are often made largely of wool and they come with a heating device which is powered by a battery. The heating device or element is integrated into the socks so they are not bulky or visible, and people can still wear these socks comfortably under their shoes.

The heat level given off by the socks is often adjustable so the wearer can change it. The battery usually last for six hours or so, but it is rechargeable.

Since it was mentioned that the heated socks can be worn with shoes, it is clear that they can be worn even for outdoor use such as going to work, taking a walk, or even doing some exercise. While they can be worn at home, perhaps under the blanket while keeping warm during the winter, they can also be worn when stepping out into the chill of the outdoors.

Heated socks are really great for keeping the feet warm and provide extra comfort during cold days and nights.

Providing warmth for one’s feet is the most obvious purpose of heated socks. However, more than providing that comfortable feeling to their wearer, there is also an additional benefit – the protection which these socks ensure. Apart from the sensation of having one’s feet warm, heated socks also actually protect people from getting colds, from getting frostbitten, or from the feet getting numb and painful.

People mostly stop at the thought that their feet are nice and warm, but more than that, what they do not realize is that their special socks are giving them an additional layer of protection – not just from the cold, but from the painful effects the cold might have. When they take a walk wearing heated socks, the warmth helps the blood circulate in their feet and they experience less occasions of cramps, if any.

In the event that a person already has tired and aching feet even before trying out or wearing a pair of heated socks, it does not mean that the heated socks will no longer be able to help. In fact, these socks need to be worn even when the aches have begun already.

Whether a person’s feet are aching due to too much running or sports, or from walking long distances wearing the wrong pair of shoes, a nice pair of heated socks can significantly help in reducing the pain and providing comfort. If the pain in one’s feet is due to the cold weather or simple muscle pain due to an uncomfortable position or exposure to the elements, heated socks can also be of great help.

Again, more than just warming the feet from the cold or the fatigue, there is more that heated socks can do beyond this pleasant sensation. They relax tense muscles, open the pores to release air bubbles between them, and help with the blood circulation. Moreover, even if it is just a person’s feet being warmed, the soothing effect can spread throughout the body. The warmth emanating from the heated socks sends a signal to the rest of the body to unwind and relax.

When the feet are warm and the whole body relaxes, there is an even greater benefit that comes out of it. Because of the whole body’s comfort and relaxation level which was aided by the heated socks, the whole body becomes rejuvenated, and in effect, this helps with a person’s overall health.

In some countries or even in spas, the tired, aching feet of highly stressed people are immersed into a tub of very warm water. The effect is almost instantaneous – they feel the aches melting away, and their whole body relaxes because of the heat that begins at their feet and spreads throughout their body.

Just the same, heated socks melt away pain, and envelopes the feet in soothing warmth that goes up to the rest of the body. It is almost like a dry counterpart of a tub of very warm water.

The advantage of heated socks over the tub of very warm water though, is that the person wearing the heated socks can still move about from place to place, or lie in bed or on the couch while reading a book or sleeping. Heated socks do not limit them to a place or limit their movement.

They can sleep wearing it without worrying about getting the skin on their feet become wrinkled and prune-like. They can stand and walk to the phone when it rings and not get water all over the place. It is as though they have dry, comfortable warmth with them wherever they go, through the use of heated socks. While having the same benefits as a tub of very warm water, the socks allow the wearers to be very mobile.

Of course, there are people who want heated socks not because they are experiencing pain in their feet, or are tired from too much walking – sometimes, people wear heated socks just for the simple relaxing sensation it gives them. With a nice pair of heated socks on their feet, they can feel as warm and snug wherever they are, whatever they are doing.

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