The Best Hearing Protection for Blenders?


What is the Best Hearing Protection for a High Powered Blender?

The first thing you may notice when you use a high powered blender is the noise.  High powered blenders such as the Blendtec and Vitamix are very noisy … as everyone will have their fingers plugged into their ears.  The first time you use one may be quite a shock.

Note: I have heard some blender owners say they did not feel their blender (Blendtecs) was not as loud as they expected. This may be due to the lay out of their kitchen. The noise is absorbed in its surroundings. I have an open kitchen and my blendtec is LOUD when I run it. I have had the base in several different places…and it does not matter where it’s placed, it’s still LOUD.

If you value your hearing and plan on blending routinely, I recommend getting some hearing protection.  Earplugs are a little cumbersome for some people and little children, but what I have found to work very well is ear muffs.  Ear muffs are relatively inexpensive and go on and off very easily.  They are also easy for children to use without the assistance from an adult.

The muffs I recommend for adults are the Howard Leight R-03318 Leightning L3 Shooter’s Premium Earmuff at Amazon.

There are cheaper ear muff’s available, but most of the cheaper models are not adjustable to different head sizes, which will make them uncomfortable and provide less protection. All models are required to fit properly in order to provide the rated protection level.


Price -Amazon’s price is reported to be 30% lower than can be found in stores.

Comfort -Very comfortable with adjustable and padded headband.

Noise Reduction – Excellent noise reduction and you will still be able to hear well enough to have a conversation.

Excellent Reviews – Amazon reviews are very positive and these muffs are consistently selected above other models in the same price range.  The negative comments are related to interference issues that long rifle shooters have due to the large profile of the muff.  So, if you don’t plan to be using this for rifle shooting this will not be an issue.


They are a little bulky and may be too large for petite women and children.

Therefore, for children and petite ladies I also recommend taking a look at Peltor 97070 Junior Earmuff, Black.

Ear muffs are very nice to have handy when blending or grinding wheat frequently, but the cheap foam ear plugs will also do the job and take up much less space in your kitchen.

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