The best ab machines to do ab crunches


Here are my picks for the best ab machines out there to work your abs. They are separated in different categories, depending on what your objectives are.

The best abs machines for traditional ab crunches

In my opinion the traditional crunch is still one of the most effective exercises to work your abs. As we have discussed in previous articles, one of the main problems people have with the ab crunch is the strain it puts on your neck. These two ab machines support your neck and solve this problem:

AB Trainer

The AB Trainer allows you to do ab crunches and supports your head, thereby reducing the stress on your neck. It is not the highest quality out there, it is definitely not gym quality but it will do the job and for 100 US$ it is reasonably priced.

Club Pro Ab Trainer New Improved in 2010

This is the “heavy duty” club version of the AB Trainer. It is top quality and you still can do your abs in ten years from now. If you care about quality and you always want to get the best, this is your choice. It might be better quality and more comfortable but keep in mind that it costs 200 US$ and will not train your abs more than the basic AB Trainer.

The best Abs Machines for lower Ab Workouts

Perfect Pullup Heavy Duty Ab Straps

As we have discussed in an earlier article, using ab straps to do hanging leg raises or knee raises is one of the best ways to train your lower abs. Read the recommendations in the post in order to avoid back injury (no swinging!). Not for people with back problems, but definitely a very good way to train your lower abs. Don’t be fooled by the low price, keep in mind that you need a workout bar where you can hang the abs on, so you need to buy also the workout bar.

Crazy Abs Abdominal Exercise Home Gym

This is a good abs machine that has received very positive reviews. It is very versatile, allowing to target your upper, lower and oblique abdominals. The motion is quite similar to doing hanging knee raises only that you’re not hanging so it’s more comfortable and there is less risk that you overstretch your back. At 140 Bucks it ain’t cheap but it is a very powerful machine. There is a video on youtube that shows how you use it:

Best-selling Abs Machines

These are some of the best known Abs Machines out there, therefore I have included them. However they have some limitations so make sure you read my comments.

Ab Rocket Abdominal Trainer

The good thing about the Ab Rocket is that you get to rest your head. There are some springs that might make it easier to do ab crunches, but whether these springs have the right strength for you depends on your weight and your fitness level. The most important limitation is that this machine is not adequate if you are taller than 5’9 as then your head will not be in the right position. The good thing is that it comes with a diet/nutrition program which will help you to reduce the belly fat covering your abs.

Ab Lounge Abdominal Exerciser

The good thing about the Ab Lounge is that you stretch your back before you do the ab crunch. This means that you work your abs on a wider range. BUT this can also be dangerous if you overstretch, you can hurt your back. So if you are seriously out of shape or if you have a back problem you want to avoid this machine! Also, it is rather bulky so not recommendable if you live in a small apartment. On the good side, it is quite comfortable and sturdy.

You might also be interested to read our cheap ab circle pro review, as this is another best-selling ab machine.

Best Ab Machine to Burn Belly Fat

All the abs machines that are reviewed above will help you to strengthen and tone your abdominal muscles. But if you have been following this blog then you know that the main challenge is to burn off belly fat: right now there is probably a layer of fat hiding your abs and no matter how strong and muscular your abdominal muscles get, if you don’t get rid of that fat your abs will not show!

The best way to get rid of belly fat is through diet/nutrition and through cardio exercise. For this purpose a treadmill or a bicycle is not ideal as they work only your lower body, the best machines to burn belly fat are elliptical machines and rowing machines as they exercise your entire body and thereby burn more fat. Strictly speaking it is not an “abs machine” but it is included here as it is one of the best ways to achieve the objective of ripped abs. In that sense, it is actually the perfect abs machine

Body Champ BRM3671 Cardio Dual Trainer

Let’s face it, an elliptical machine is not a cheap exercise equipment. This item here is the most expensive of all the equipment listed in this post and it is still quite a low price for an elliptical (for a professional gym elliptical machine you can pay up to 5000 US$). For an elliptical it is reasonably priced while still offering a good quality.


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