The Basic Guides on How To Use Boxing Gloves


Practice is not enough; you also need to know the basic guides on how to use boxing gloves according to their types. Knowing the proper types of gloves to use will help you not only to avoid injuries, but also to develop effective punches.

Ever imagined how bloody boxing could be without using boxing gloves? Thanks to the Marquess of Queensberry rules in 1867, the use of boxing gloves was required. Before this mandate, boxers have the option to fight with leather straps only or with their bare knuckles.

Since then, boxing gloves have evolved and mastered. Today, there are lots of boxing gloves choices – from the, styles, colors and sizes and most importantly, the types or the intended use. So before going straight to your favorite sports store, you should first ask and settle within yourself your purpose or the kind of training you will be having.

Different Types of Boxing Gloves

There are various types of boxing gloves available in the market today. Depending on the use, you may opt to get the training or sparring boxing gloves, the fitness boxing gloves, the bag boxing gloves, or the competition boxing gloves. These gloves were made uniquely and have their own distinct features and characteristics.

1. Training or Sparring Boxing Gloves

Boxers who train regularly definitely own a pair or two of training gloves. Training gloves are built to be durable. They are good in providing the needed support for every heavy bag punches. Most Pro boxers usually own boxing gloves for their general training, in addition to their sparring boxing gloves.

Most training boxing gloves are built and secured by Velcro straps. These gloves are described as convenient, since you can easily put on and off. You may also find some gloves that use laces – those that are more expensive.

In terms of sizes (weight) training gloves range from 14 – 20 oz. If you are not sure what to get, you can go with the standard 16 oz. gloves. But most beginners start with the 14 oz. training gloves, while the experienced boxers normally use the 18 and professionals the 20.

Depending on your budget, you can buy for as low as $30.00, and as high as $200. For a descent pair of training gloves, you will probably need around $70.00 to $90.00 budget.

2. Fitness Boxing Gloves

There is a general connotation of the term “fitness gloves.” It refers to the most commonly sold gloves at your favorite sporting goods shops in your area. These gloves are typically cheap and not as durable as the training gloves, since these are just usually used with fitness classes like doing some shadow boxing.

Fitness gloves come in 3 sizes – small, medium, and large. Their weight may range from 12 to 16 oz.

3. Bag Boxing Gloves

As the name suggests, bag boxing gloves are use for gym bags. Unlike the training gloves, bag boxing gloves are generally smaller and more compact. They have less padding or foam. Some models are even don’t have the whole fist support and enclosure.

These gloves are not “safe” for training or sparring for both the user and the sparring mate.

4. Competition Boxing Gloves

During competition, most especially on amateur boxing competitions, the host or the organizer provides the boxing gloves. Typically, they came in 2 colors – one fighter wears the red gloves and the other fighter wears the blue gloves.

When it comes to the gloves weight, it depends on the boxing organization. Different boxing organizations have their own standards and protocol. For example, the International Boxing Organization (IBA) usually requires all boxers regardless of weight divisions to use 10 oz. gloves. On the other hand, for the USA boxing, they require 10 ounces boxing gloves for weight divisions from 106 – 152 pounds. For higher weight classes, the 12 ounces gloves are used.

On the other hand, professional boxing competitions are more flexible. The boxers are allowed to wear gloves from any of the approved brands. In most cases, the color of the gloves does not matter. But for the gloves weight, it should always be within the range of 8 oz. – 10 oz. In addition, all pro boxers wear boxing gloves with laces to ensure a secure and perfect fit.

So, if your friend is interested to boxing and asking you some tips on how to use boxing gloves; then you should know now what to tell him / her. First, you should ask your friend what type of activity he/she plans to do. If he/she wanted to attend fitness classes, then advise him/her to buy the fitness gloves.


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