The Ab Lounger


If you are looking for a good abdominal exercise machine, then you may want to consider purchasing the ab lounger ultra or the ab lounger 2. These machines (technically called the Ab Lounge and the Ab Lounge 2 from FitnessQuest, which is the company that makes them), have become very popular in helping many people find a more comfortable way to work their ab and oblique muscles.

So, is the ab lounger the right machine for you, and will it truly help you develop that six pack that you have been missing since high school? Well, as with most fitness equipment you will find that ab loungers are not magic bullets. However, they can be very effective if used properly and in conjunction with a good fitness program and diet. Remember, no amount of sit-ups and crunches will give you a six-pack, or even a four-pack unless you get rid of the fat that is on top of the muscles first, and doing 1000’s of crunches will not get rid of the fat, they will mainly strengthen the muscles. In other words, you still will have to eat properly (i.e. diet if you are overweight), and do cardio workouts in conjunction with a good abs workout.

The ab lounge (independent of which version you choose) will help you target the core muscles by providing a jack-knife movement that gives you the ability to do full-range crunches. There are several different exercises you can do to target these muscles on the lounger, and because of the floor-based positioning you truly can move in a full range of motion. One of the key benefits of the ab lounger exercise it that your back, neck, and head are fully supported, which may make it easier to concentrate solely on your core abdominal muscles, making the exercise more effective and ‘easier’ to perform properly without injuries.

However, there are a few concerns that some people have with the different ab loungers. First, you must be very careful when extending your back below your hips. This full range of motion may be great for some people, but can also be very risky and is not advised by some physical trainers. If you have already purchased an ab lounge, or are thinking of purchasing one, it is recommended that you speak with your trainer and/or doctor to find out if this type of extension is recommended for your back.

Second, you may wish to consider purchasing the more expensive and higher end ab lounges, such as the ab lounger ultra and the ab lounger 2. They both have received good reviews from Amazon customers (4 out of 5 stars), while the less-expensive ab lounger sport received only 2.3 out of 5 stars. Of course, there may be other reasons for this other than poor performance by the lower end model, but these ratings appear to be consistent across online stores and other ab lounger reviews.


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