The 5 Best Weight Lifting Wrist Straps


Buying weight lifting wrist straps may seem fairly straight forward, but spending a few minutes of extra time and research to find the best belt can be the difference between big back muscles and eye-poppingly huge, shirt-splitting muscles. Here are five of the best straps out on the market today.

Harbinger 213 Neoprene Lifting Straps

Lifting straps don’t get much better than the Harbinger 213, and for the huge value these things have, you pay almost no price. These straps are twenty-one inches long and contain a five mm thick layer of foam padding for extra grip and comfort. On top of this, the straps are extra wide, which gives you more traction when you need it for those extra heavy lifts. For more information and where you can find a pair, check out our full review.

Altus Athletic Padded Lifting Straps

These weight lifting straps from Altus Athletic are foam padded, just like the Harbinger straps. The padding not only lets you grip the bar better, but also saves your hands and prevents you from developing calluses on your hands. Check out the full review.

Harbinger 21700 No-Slip Pro Lifting Straps

These lifting straps are slightly more expensive than the other straps I reviewed, but are worth every penny. They come with a rubber grip that latches onto the bar the best grip possible when lifting. The difference between these and regular cotton straps is like night and day. If you want to really load up the bar with weight, there’s no comparison to these straps. Find out where to get yours here

Schiek 1000 Power Series Lifting Strap

This 12 inch long, 1 ½ inch wide strap from Schiek is incredibly powerful and ultra-tough. The strap itself if ¼ of an inch thick, helping to give it a huge amount of durability. It’s also very ergonomically made, with the loop being made to sit perpendicular to the wrist and give the most precise wrap around the bar. Check out the full review here.

Altus Athletic Power Lifting Hooks

If you want a change of pace from these weightlifting straps, these weight lifting hooks might be for you. Hooks attach to your wrists and give you an efficient, low-fatigue grip of any barbell or dumbbell. This one sized fits most model from Altus Athletic fits securely around your wrist and will make sure that you achieve your weightroom goals. For more information see the review.

Weight lifting straps are a great way to get your large muscle groups even bigger. Use them on your heavy lifting days to lift bigger weights, longer.


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