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Balego TENS 3000 Over The Counter Analog Unit Review – Is This The Best TENS 3000 Unit?

Balego TENS 3000 Over The Counter Analog Unit is the ideal choice if you are sick and tired of reaching to a clinic to take your TENS therapies. They are not just expensive in the long run, but they are also inconvenient. You practically depend on them. Conducting them at home is a more comfortable solution, especially since the unit is safe and provides exactly the same results. It comes with all the required elements for an immediate use, but it also allows you to use them for all kinds of pains. It makes no difference if you suffer from arthritis, postoperative pains or other similar sensations.


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Balego’s TENS unit gives you the chance to use a noninvasive and drug free solution for pain management. It is based on a microprocessor and comes with three nodes for a deep adjustability. Start with the preset modes if you are not fully familiar with such things, then adjust them overtime as you understand your body’s necessities. Other than that, those who have used TENS units before will love the safety caps. They protect the amplitude knobs, so you no longer change the settings mistakenly. Users also have access to three nodes for a more complete adjustment – modulation, constant and burst.

The TENS 3000 analog unit comes with a variable pulse width, as well as an adjustable pulse rate – 20 to 150Hz. The wave form is asymmetrical. Four electrode pads are included in the package, not to mention the lead wires and the required 9V battery. Since the unit has dual channels, you can use two or all four electrodes. The good news is that you can set different intensity levels for each set. In other words, you can work on four muscle groups during one session.

Despite the analog construction, Balego has introduced a state of the art processor. Its accuracy is impressive, so it can easily compete with digital alternatives. Apart from the TENS unit and the required accessories, the plastic carrying case is just as attractive. It is worth noting that the unit is FDA cleared for over the counter uses. Also, it does not require a medical prescription. Not sure how to use it? Check the owner’s manual from the package, yet controls are labeled and intuitive.


  • Cost efficient
  • Three modes
  • Comes with a sturdy carrying case
  • Dual channels
  • Perfect accuracy due to the built-in microprocessor
  • User friendly and easy to use
  • Works against most types of pains


  • Therapy sessions are limited to 30 minutes, yet they can be repeated


As a short final conclusion, Balego TENS 3000 Over The Counter Analog Unit does stand up in the crowd. To plenty of users, this is the best TENS 3000 unit in commerce. It has everything you require to use it out of the box, but it also works perfectly against all types of painful sensations – whether they are chronic and acute. Given its cost efficiency, it is certainly worth a shot.FacebookTwitterGoogle+Share

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