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If you’ve ever wondered what the big deal is about airbrush makeup, then you’re probably among those still using the old-fashioned powder and paint. There’s nothing wrong with that if it works well for you, but for those looking to take their makeup application to the next level, then investing in the Temptu airbrush system might be the best thing you need to complete your cosmetic collection.

What is airbrushing?

Airbrushing might seem fairly modern, but it’s actually been around for quite some time. The system usually consists of a device called an airbrush which accepts liquid cosmetics into its reservoir. When a trigger is pulled, the airbrush mixes the makeup with air and sprays it out at high pressure. The makeup comes out as a fine mist which lands evenly on your skin. The first time an airbrush was used for makeup application was in the set of the movie Ben Hur in order to create an even tone, less need for reapplication, and to prevent the pores of the actors from being seen through the makeup under bright lights. The last one is an undesired effect which the regular powder and paint is notoriously known for.

An Airbrush brand among the best

The Temptu is currently among the leading brands together with Dinair and Luminess Air that you can buy online. However, it has its own qualities that aren’t present in the other two.

It shines the most as an elite kit for professional makeup artists and salon owners. However, they also have systems for those who want to use it individually. A quick glance at the Temptu and temptu pro website and you’ll see all their products and offers, which is quite a lot. Truth be told, the official site is pretty cluttered with pages, temptu reviews and links all over the place, but that’s because they have products for practically every kind of cosmetic need.

In order for you to avoid the hassle of having to sift through all the pages, we compiled this list of what it offers in a nutshell:

The Airbrush Kit

Of course, the starting point of everything is the airbrush kit itself. With every order, you get the Temptu airbrush device which is made of sleek metal and a fairly small compressor to provide the pressurized air. There are additional accessories you can avail of such as a cleaning kit, adapters, and a carrying case, but these are optional.

The Temptu Airbrush Makeup

Second, you need the makeup that goes with the kit. Take note that you can only use makeup with the airbrush. Attempting to put other brands of liquid cosmetics into the device could lead to damage. Here are the makeups you can avail of:

Aqua Makeup – The standard Temptu airbrush foundation, Aqua is a water-based cosmetic that provides a matte finish and stays on for long periods, even under the harsh glare of studio lights.

AIRpod Makeup – The AIRpod makeup is a new formulation It is also a water-based cosmetic like Aqua but with the added bonus of being premixed, stored in an elongated cylinder (the “pod” in AIRpod), and ready for instant use. What makes this special is that the cosmetic is extremely light and falls evenly on your skin due to a unique ingredient called SilkSpheres. The effect that the makeup brings is that of a softer finish than Aqua and one that blends naturally with your skin tone.

Dura Makeup – Dura makeup is alcohol based. This formulation is designed for extremely long-lasting effects on the skin. It works especially well for tattoo coloring, prosthetics, and special cosmetic effects.

S/B Makeup – This is the one thing that it is known for: Silicon-based makeup. It is among the few brands that make this formulation. Silicon-based makeup is more expensive than the regular water-based type, but the effects are improved tenfold. Silicone mimics the skin texture and comes off as extremely light. Even under the harshest conditions and glares, the makeup remains flawless and indistinguishable. Furthermore, removal is easy and can be done with a traditional makeup remover. What makes S/B makeup all the more intriguing is that it can be applied by hand, so you don’t actually need the airbrush device to experience its benefits. However, the airbrush can help nonetheless.

Accessories – These include other makeup items you can purchase such as highlighters and blushes. Cosmetic accessories are a fairly common standard in other brands as well.

How does Temptu fare?

Based on personal use and the collected experience (both good and bad) of many other users online and in the real world, it definitely stands out among the rest. Although the sheer amount of choices can be overwhelming at first, you can never go wrong with this kind of quality. Even the basic Aqua makeup is already spot-on and provides the finish we all want: an even treatment that is light on the skin, visibly indistinguishable to outside observers, and yet gives off the effects that only an airbrush type application can deliver. Take this up a few more notches and you’ll arrive at the level of the S/B makeup, the dream of every professional makeup artist. The silicon is something that can remove every visible blemish on your skin. There is also the added benefit of making it look natural, unforced, and convincingly real that would make anyone believe that you’re not wearing any makeup at all. It’s currently the best formulation there is and only a Temptu airbrush produces it this well.

A disadvantage is that the cost is pretty steep, especially the S/B makeup. You can get more or less the same effects of their water-based cosmetics with the other two leading brands Dinair and Luminess Air at a lower price. However, the S/B makeup is unique to Temptu, so if you desire the silicon effect then it is the only recommended option. Also, the compressor is fairly larger compared to other brands, taking up just a little bit more space on storage.
All in all, it is a much hyped product that deserves the entire buzz. It delivers what it promises.

Of course, if only their website is a little bit more organized…

Here are some Temptu reviews taken from public forums and other review stores:

Final verdict

Five stars and highly recommended. However, if you’re planning to buy a Temptu airbrush, do so only on their official website. Other third-party vendors out there are also selling this product, but you cannot be guaranteed of the quality of the merchandise or the safety of your credit numbers.

How to get the most value – SPECIAL OFFER

Currently, Temptu is offering a special 30 day trial offer where you can try it out for only $30, and it’s FREE shipping. This is pretty good but something I like even more is the 60 day money back guarantee. If you don’t like it for any reason they will refund your 100% of your money (excluding S/H though). It’s risk free as even if you finished all of the makeup and it’s empty!

This is what you get in the starter set:

  • The AirBrush System + 60-Day Unlimited Professional AIRbrush Stylist Support
  • 3 FREE bonuses – Airpod Foundation, Airpod Blush, Airpod Highlighter

A purchase of these ingredients separately would cost $345, but the sale offers this entire package at $259 for a limited time. This is 42% off the retail price. I’m not sure how long it will last though.


Temptu is really tempting, but with good cause. Invest in this system to kick your makeup into high gear. It may be a bit more expensive than the others, but if you have the money to spare and the desire to put on your best face, then it will not disappoint.

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