Tefal Pro Express Turbo GV8360 Steam Generator, Anti Scale, 1.8 Liter Water Tank


Tefal Pro Express Turbo GV8360 Steam Generator Iron has so many high quality features for you with good time saving ironing performance. This iron has unique soleplate, good high steam generator output, good boiler and other features to give you good ironing performance. On the other hand, the anti-calc feature with good range output steam will easy to handle and ironing any type of fabric iron within a short time.

Powerful Ironing Performance

The Tefal Pro Express Turbo GV8360 Steam Generator Iron is very powerful and gives you good output steam to you with good settings. As a result, you can enjoy the crease removal function of the iron comfortably in order to get some good and fresh clothes. In this case, the water spray and soleplate will surely give you the unique condition to the users. Use the unique Ultraglide ceramic soleplate with good scratch resistant service to the users. Therefore, you can expect to get the maximum quality ironing experience.  

Anti Scale Feature with Good boiler

Tefal Pro Express Turbo GV8360 Steam Generator Iron is really great to give you good boiler with removal water tank and anti scale feature for good ironing experience. For that reason, the anti scale collector will always improve the ironing condition by preventing extra water spray. On the other hand, the technology is giving you Corrosion free boiler in order to get the best function and result from ironing.

High Steam Generator Iron

Tefal Pro Express Turbo GV8360 Steam Generator Iron is offering you 5 bar pressure steam output with only 120 g per minute Turbo steam function. For that reason, the steam may not enough for any quick ironing feature to the users. On the other hand, the steam generator steam will give you long lasting ironing performance. Therefore, using the ironing at a professional level may not give you the finest performance to any user a tall.

Extra Large Water Tank & Easy Removal

This steam generator iron comes with 1.8 L water tank and boiler capacity that will give you long time continuous ironing function to the users. In this case, you can refill the boiler and it will go long time without any refilling. Moreover, it is not hard to remove the tank from the iron and refill it within a short time. So, remove the water tank anytime you want to get easy handling ironing in light weight and join the water tank when you need this!

Good Configuration with Improved Settings

The configuration system of the steam generator iron is good with the design and improved settings. As a result, you have the control of the steam output during ironing with the settings. The light indicators will always give you the pressure and steam level during ironing. As a result, you can watch out the steam quality and range and control the steam whole time.


  1. Ultraglide Ceramic Soleplate With Scratch Resistant
  2. Turbo Steam Technology with 5 bar Pressure
  3. Extra Large Water Boiler with Removal
  4. Powerful Performance with Ultracord System


  1. Poor Steam Output (Only 120g per minute)\
  2. Short Cable Cord

Tefal Pro Express Turbo GV8360 Steam Generator Iron is giving the users good and impressive features in order to give good ironing. However, the steam output is very lower that is not expected from any generator iron at all. But, the users love the design and Ultraglide Soleplate and Turbo Steam technology to give good performance. In this case, you can use the steam generator easily in your house not for garment ironing purpose with comfortable handle.


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