Tefal Gv9461 Protect Autoclean Steam Generator


Tefal Gv9461 Protect Iron is a good model of the Tefal Steam Generator Iron Brand that will give you the finest ironing features ever. In fact, the average features with good output of steam will give you super ironing service to you. For that reason, you do not need for any other irons for your garments because of having good quality ironing. The features and guideline book is very pleasing and easy to understand for any users. As a result, it will not waste your time to understand the usages as well as give auto clean feature.

Long-lasting Performance with Tefal Gv9461 Protect Iron

If you want to get long lasting performance from any steam generator iron, Tefal Gv9461 Protect Iron is one of the best options for you. The brand is giving you unique Palladium Soleplate that will increase your ironing experience with no time wasting. On the other hand, you will not need to wait for long time because the soleplate does not need so much time to get full heat to start ironing at all. With the anti-calc system and good water spray feature, you will get good easy to ironing service.

Complete Eco-Friendly

Tefal Gv9461 Protect steam generator iron is giving you full eco-friendly service in order to give you energy saving choice. As a result, you will be able to save more than 20% energy by using this steam generator iron. For that reason, you will not need to pay higher for using any steam generator for ironing clothes of your garments as at all.

Turbo Steam with High Range

Powerful Tefal Gv9461 Protect Steam Generator Iron is surely giving you the speedy performance along with high range Turbo steam technology. As a result, you will always get 260g per minute steam output from this iron so that you can remove any stubborn wrinkles from your cloth. Moreover, the 6 bar pressure for steam output will always give you the best choice to get good performance. The settings of increase and decrease of the power steam output will always improve the condition so much to give you good performance.

Enhance Safety with Tefal Gv9461 Protect Iron

Tefal Gv9461 Protect Iron is a good steam generator for the users who want to enhance safety during ironing. As a result, the technology of the iron will give you auto turn off feature along with some high technical things for you. For that reason, the iron will always turn off automatically if you leave it for some while.

Easy Storage Feature

 The storage feature of Tefal Gv9461 Protect Iron is just amazing because of the different compartments and auto-rewind. For that reason, it will not need long time to storage into any compartments of your home along with some good points. Moreover, you can carry the steam generator to any place very easily with a Protect Lock System.


  1. 6 Bar Pressure with 260g per minute Turbo Steam
  2. Enhanced Safety Feature
  3. 20% Energy Saving Feature with Eco-Friendly
  4. Easy to Stored Steam Generator Iron
  5. Anti-scale Collector with Unique Soleplate


  1. Only 3 Hour Water Backup
  2. Tricky Water Refilling Feature

Tefal Gv9461 Protect Steam Generator Iron will always give some good features in order to give the users good impression. Especially the 6 bar pressure steam feature with energy saving feature will always become the part and parcel of the users. For that reason, this is very attractive steam generator iron for any users that will increase your performance. Therefore, this steam generator will surely impress your ironing level to a good level.


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