Tefal Gv8461 Pro Express Autoclean Steam Generator


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Tefal Gv8461 Pro Express is a super quality steam generator that easily suits for home ironing as well as garments ironing. In fact, the steam generator can give you the super speed and steam power to the users that can be helpful to iron any cloth of your garment. For that reason, the super quality steam generator can give you professional level service along with home ironing service too.

Super Speed Ironing Power

The speed of ironing of Tefal Gv8461 Pro Express steam generator is really good for the users with great steam pressure. The users will get 6 bars in the configuration settings of the steam in order to increase and decrease the power. The steam power starts from 120g per minute to 260g per minute that will surely give you good performance to remove wrinkles. With the iron, you do not need to iron one place once and again because it will surely remove stubborn of creases with one pressure.

Auto Clean Soleplate of Tefal Gv8461 Pro Express

Tefal Gv8461 Pro Express offers good quality scratch free soleplate in order to give you good steam power. Moreover, auto clean soleplate choice also gives the iron generator longer lasting performance with unique Palladium technology soleplate. For that reason, you do not have to need to clean the soleplate time to time before plug-in with the power. Moreover, the vertical steam function with anti-drip feature gives real comfortable ironing to the users.

Iron with Tefal Gv8461 Pro Express & Save Time

Tefal Gv8461 Pro Express is just perfect for any garment in order to give you time saving ironing performance for a long time. The iron generator needs only 2 minutes to heat up and the water filling system is just great to the users. In fact, the 1.8 liter removal water container will give you almost 3 hour continuous ironing that will save your time. Moreover, the GV8461 will always keep refilling your water container in order to keep water container full.

Anti-Calc Function With Easy to Maintenance

The anti-calc function of the Tefal Gv8461 Pro Express iron steam generator will give you good performance in super technology. The maintenance work of the iron is just perfect along with corrosion free boiler as well as easy to disposal. Therefore, the users do not need to read the instructions in order to learn maintenance at all. 

Peach of Mind with Proper Safety

The auto turn off feature of Tefal Gv8461 Pro Express always give peach in mind because you will be free from any type of accident for this steam generator. Moreover, the function will always turn off heating the soleplate within 30 seconds of keeping aside it. At the same time, the iron steam generator will stop to take power from the 9th minute of absence from touching the iron.

Save Energy with Tefal Gv8461 Pro Express

Tefal Gv8461 Pro Express steam generator is an energy saving ironing system for the users that can save energy. With the eco-friendly technology, the steam iron is giving you up to 20 percent energy saving opportunity to the users. As a result, you can also playing role to save energy as well as reduce your electric cost.


  1. Steam Power 120g to 260g
  2. Eco Friendly Iron Steam Generator with 20% Saving
  3. Safety Performance to Avoid Accidents
  4. Continuous Refilling Water Container


  1. Difficult Placing Iron Unite
  2. Clicking on Configuration Sound Much

Tefal Gv8461 Pro Express steam generator is one of the best to iron and remove the wrinkles from the clothes. Moreover, the iron steam generator will reduce your ironing time with the quick heat and continuous refilling water container.


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