Tefal Gv8431 Pro Express Autoclean Steam Generator


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Tefal Gv8431 Pro Express is a good steam generator iron in the market to give you the best and powerful ironing performance. For that reason, the iron will always prevent you from giving you good ironing and remove the toughest creases from any type of fabric of your cloth. Therefore, you should use the configuration settings of the steam generator iron in order to get the highest output shot of steam.   
Use Palladium Autoclean Soleplate

This steam generator iron is offering good Palladium Autoclean soleplate that ensures a good ironing feature to the users. The combination and longer lasting performance of the soleplate is really great for the users. Specially, the soleplate will always give good service to the fabrics in order to cleanup any type of creases from the soleplate. On the other hand, the iron heats up quickly in order to save your time. On the other hand, the heat distribution of the heat in the surface of soleplate is good in order to give full ironing quality.

Save Time with Quick Heat

Tefal Gv8431 Pro Express is just great for the users in order to quick ironing performance along with quick heat. The iron will need only 2 minute maximum to give the highest steam output to remove any creases. For that reason, you will no longer need to wait for a long time to heat the steam generator and start ironing. In fact, you will get to the quick heat service and start ironing with anti-drip system of it. As a result, you will no longer problem with the stubborn of creases along with extra water spraying.  

Good Power Range & Bar Pressure

The power range of the Tefal Gv8431 Pro Express steam generator iron will give you good range of output steam to the users in order to work on the toughest crease very easily. The steam iron will give you 120g per minute steam to 240g per minute steam with 5.5 bar steam pressure. For that reason, the steam generator iron will always work well with this steam iron easily using the iron especially in garments. You will get a fresh and good fabric dress very easily by enduring the use of the iron.

Maintain Easily for Good Performance 

Tefal Gv8431 Pro Express steam generator iron is very easy to maintain specially refilling the water tank and cleaning the soleplate with automatic progress. For that reason, you can expect to get good performance during ironing any garment clothes. On the other hand, the technology of the Tefal irons will always give you the good appliance for increasing durability of this. Using and leaning from the instructions book, you will always handle the steam generator iron within a short moment. As a result, your garments workers will not need so much time to understand the usages and ways of maintenance of this for a long time.  Auto turning off feature is also amazing with anti-calc system of this steam generator to give you the maximum support to you during ironing.


  1. High Range Power Steam Output
  2. 5.5 bar pressure with maximum 240g/min steam
  3. Safety Technology with Auto-Off
  4. Large Water Tank
  5. Eco Friendly Steam Generator Iron


  1. Poor Color Combination Design
  2. Short Cord Cable

If you are thinking to buy any new model of steam generator iron, Tefal Gv8431 Pro Express iron will be the best for you. The features are very much suitable for any garments work because it provides continuous service to the users. On the other hand, the large water tank along with unique soleplate will always ensure to give you good ironing performance against the toughest crease.


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