Teeter Hang Ups Review


Teeter Hang Ups are inversion tables designed to relieve back pain and muscle problems by reclining at an inverted position. Back pain is caused by compression on the spinal cord, the stress creates discomfort of the spinal discs. To relieve the discomfort, people usually feel the need to stretch.

Inversion Elongates Spine and Relieves Pressure on Discs

When the problem persists, the use of inversion therapy helps relieve that stress by using gravity to stretch and realign the spine and relax muscles. Inversion elongates the spine and increases the space between the vertebrae which relieves the pressure on discs, ligaments and nerves.

EP-Series Inversion Tables

The are several models to the line of Teeter Hang Ups. The popular EP-Series (EP stands for Exceptional Performance) uses Flex Technology to help you stretch with a greater range of motion by allowing the backrest to bend.

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Technical Features

  • Teeter’s patented Flex Technology moves with you for greater range of motion
  • Adjustable foot platform
  • EX Angle Tether Strap
  • Adjustable Pillow
  • Instructional DVD included
  • 5-Year Warranty

Does It Really Work?

Teeter Hang Ups series have been the industry leader since 1981. The popular inversion tables by Teeter get good ratings from customers. However, as with any health equipment, it may not suit everyone. The manufacturer does not claim medical benefits beyond the temporary relief of back pain.

Most people who have used it claim that Teeter Hang Ups have helped with their back problems. And the use of the inversion table has provided noticeable improvement and longer term comfort for many regular users.

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