Tankless Hot Water Heaters – The Way Of The Future!


In the fairly recent future, the world of water heating will begin a vital metamorphosis. Once over-complicated systems have been steadily progressing over the last fifty years, and this gradual transformation has birthed many a useful invention. One which has caught to eye of many a water heating connoisseur is the Tank-less hot water heater. Although still alien to common-place water heating systems, the tankless hot water heater has already begun to take the industry by storm.

By eliminating expensive tanks and related apparatus from the equation, tankless water heaters provide boundless opportunity for savings. This evolution has not been missed by lower-budget housing groups such as trailer parks. Aside from scratching off a considerable expense associated with water heating, tankless water heaters take up considerably less space. This valuable space savings allows for larger systems to be installed in smaller homes such as trailers. The lack of standing water also removes a variety of issues revolving around stagnant water from the mix. Since no water is left standing in the tank, there is no need for home owners to drain the system before leaving their homes for long periods of time.

With conventional water heating systems, standing water can cause issues. Not only can water (if left to sit for long periods) become undrinkable, it can also become host to a myriad of unhealthy growth such as mold or mildew. Getting rid of this troubling issue is almost reason enough to switch over to tankless heaters, but they also have a long and distinct list of other useful properties. Tankless water heaters run in a very simple manner. Water, in a small stream, is run through the tankless water heater. As the water passes through a series of tubes, it is run over an open flame which in turn heats the water instantly! This flame, although small, can be very powerful, and is often capable of heating to boiling water in mere seconds.

An obvious pro of this feature is the fact that you are left with the ability to produce endless hot water instantly. In normal systems, hot water tanks can be small, and as a result, quickly depleted. How many times have you taken a shower or bath, only to find that no hot water was available afterwards? It can be a frustrating struggle. Some smaller models of tankless hot water heater are, amazingly enough, completely portable! These portable models are equipped with simple gas tanks which can be filled up on the fly almost anywhere. This can prove extremely useful for temporary situations such as camping trips. With the use of a portable tankless hot water heater, anyone can easily have access to hot water in any setting.

In the past, the best method for using hot water whilst camping has been transporting water in insulated tanks. Not only does this allow for only very limited supplies of hot water, but the water can become cool within days, making it highly impractical for longer trips. Campers would need to haul water every other day, a highly unnecessary strain on campers during a supposedly carefree trip. Tankless hot water heaters, however, make any trip as convenient as being at home. To sum it up, it doesn’t matter where you live- the benefits of tankless water heating are visible everywhere!

By making a tankless water heating unit part of your home, you’ll be able to eliminate troublesome tanks entirely. Gas tankless hot water heaters are often completely transportable, making them great for trips. Electric tankless hot water heaters are available in a variety of sizes, making them ideal for use even in the smallest domiciles. The top manufacturers for these heaters are Bosch, Rinnai, Noritz and Nagaki. If you’re even remotely serious in improving your quality of living via faster, better, cleaner hot water, invest in a tankless hot water heater – you won’t regret it!


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