Tactical Gloves Guide


Tactical gloves do more than just keep your hands clean. Depending on your needs, they have one or more of these features:

Fingerless tactical gloves are necessary when being able to feel is more important than protection. If you can’t feel what you’re doing, you have a problem. Fingerless gloves are a compromise that you have to make when you need unimpeded manual dexterity. As an alternative, you may decide to cut the fingers off a standard pair of gloves for more dexterity.

Nomex tactical gloves are the opposite end of the protection spectrum. Nomex is heat and flame resistant to 700 degrees, so when you need flash protection or longer-lasting thermal protection, this is an option you won’t want to be without.

Hard-knuckle tactical gloves protect your knuckles from impact without seriously degrading your manual dexterity. They’re perfect when you need to use a battering ram, or when you want to get a window ported.


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