Tactical Gloves: An Overview

HKTG 100 Hard Knuckle Tactical Gloves

When you hear about tactical gloves the first thing that would come to your mind would be people in uniform, either military or law enforcement. Well, this is not the case anymore. Many people around the world have recognized the value and protection of a good pair of tactical gloves that would protect their hands and give them superior grip and accuracy. People like mountain bike riders, paintball or airsoft players and construction workers know why they should own tactical gloves. Their field of engagement requires them to expose their hands to extreme environments. If not well protected, these situations can turn very ugly for them.

What Sets Tactical Gloves Apart?

There are many qualities that differentiate a pair of tactical gloves from ordinary gloves; some of them are:

• Protection: These gloves are made of tough materials to provide maximum protection.

• Dexterity: Flexible at the same time thicker covering.

• Elements: Many tactical gloves are specially made to be fire resistant and many are to protect from cold.

• Long lasting: Tactical gloves are cut resistant and resilient in that they last longer.

• Higher grip and accuracy: Provides higher grip on whatever tool you are using. Mud, slime or anything that normal gloves would kneel at, doesn’t affect tactical gloves.

Hard Knuckle Tactical Gloves

Some tactical gloves provide protection to the knuckle by including special covering made of impact resistant ABS plastic. Some of the costlier models have these coverings made of carbon fiber and other advanced materials. Though many manufactures advertise this quality as ‘fight gloves’, the hard knuckle feature is not new in tactical gloves. However, you indeed can land some very hard punches with them on!

Half Finger and Full Gloves

Motorcyclists and paintball players claim that half finger tactical gloves provide a higher degree of wearing comfort and dexterity than full coverage models. Some people would even cut their full gloves to make it half finger tactical gloves. In fact, this claim is outdated as more flexible and advanced materials are now used to make full cover tactical gloves. They will provide as much flexibility and maneuverability as any half finger ones, plus extra protection to the fingers. If you find that your half finger tactical gloves doesn’t fit properly, just return them to your dealer and get one that fits well. Make sure, however, that you purchase your glove from a trusted store or online dealer.


Stitching in tactical gloves cannot be overlooked. There are internally stitched gloves as well as externally stitched gloves. The question which is the better depends on the personal preferences of the buyer. The externally stitched gloves offer smoother insides and a rough outside.

Who Needs Tactical Gloves

Tactical gloves are widely used by people who engage in risky professions. Construction, extreme racing and plays like paintball, firefighting, law enforcement are some of the areas where the use of tactical gloves is needed most. Pricing of these gloves vary according to the materials and needs of the buyer. Tactical gloves made for those with extreme requirements use consummate materials that provide protection and comfort. Leather, plastic and other advanced materials like Nomex are adapted to construct a good pair of tactical gloves.


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