Tactical Assault Gloves


High quality gloves that are specially designed for SWAT operations or military missions are often called tactical assault gloves.

While lots of operational gloves have various features needed during dangerous missions, assault gloves are made with every feature you need:

  • Fabric made from a kevlar/nomex blend
  • Thermal resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Manual dexterity — both hands and fingers
  • Optional gauntlet style for additional protection
  • Hard knuckles for impact and abrasion resistance
  • Leather reinforcement to abrasion-prone areas of the glove

Don’t settle for a glove that looks like a tactical assault glove. Your gear needs to have been designed by people who know how to make shooting gloves. Gun-cut fingers are a must, and padded palms are important if you wear this gear during training.

A good rule of thumb is to look for manufacturers who put protection first, concealment second, and performance second-to-none. Check out models from Wiley-X and Hellstorm Tactical, for a start.

Features of assault gloves


Long-time users conclude that a nomex/kevlar fabric is the best choice. This provides both thermal and cut resistance while ensuring a high degree of dexterity in the fingers and hands. No matter what surface you lay on, fall on, or find yourself on, the lightweight kevlar will protect against slicing and cuts.

The high-quality kidskin or goatskin layer on the fingers and palm add additional abrasion protection but, more importantly, it increases your grip surety and tactile sensitivity. Nothing contributes to “feel” like a thin, pliable layer of goatskin leather.

Color is important if you need your gear to match your military uniform. But in a larger sense, it’s important that your assault gear help (not hinder) concealment efforts.

The closure method can give you a custom fit, but some closures are better than others in terms of the noise made opening or closing the gloves. Look into how the glove is secured if you plan to put them on and take them off regularly.


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