Swissmar V-1001 vs. V-4000: Borner Mandoline Slicers


If you are considering the Swissmar Borner slicers for your potato or vegetable cutting, then you probably have seen the V-1001 and the V-4000. But what’s the difference? Why are there two models that look so similar? Which one should you really buy?

The Swissmar V-1001 and the V-4000 are both well loved by its users. These two mandoline slicers are part of Borner’s lengthy product line of slicers.

swissmar borner v 1001 v 4000 features comparison

The main difference between these two slicers is that the V-1001 allows for a 1/16″ cutting blade and NOT a 1/8″ blade. The V-4000 will has the thicker 1/8″ but NOT the 1/16″ blade. Your choice will depend on what you will be using this slicer for.

Swissmar Borner’s V-4000 also has a safety “0″ setting for safer storage of the cutter too. The V-1001 has a the blade tucked away safely in the holder for storage too even though they don’t mention the safety storage feature.

Another thing is that the V-4000 comes with a separate holder for all of the blades. On the V-1001 there is a holder for the mandoline which also compartments for the extra blades in the back.


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