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Wind turbines have many positive aspects. They’re one of the best sources of renewable energy, they can look amazing, they’re generally rather efficient and have brilliant technology. They’re already providing a large portion of the world’s renewable energy, though they have a long way to go towards replacing fossil fuels.

As they’ve become more and more prolific, personal-use turbines have come into the focus as people purchase turbines to function in their own home. There are two main personal turbine: the mast-mounted and roof-mounted variants. The mast-mounted is a turbine capable of sustaining higher wind speeds, but produces more electricity because of it. Roof-mounted has a lower profile, but produces less electricity. SWIFT wind turbines produce both types.

What’s Unique About SWIFT?

SWIFT wind turbines are designed to be exceptionally quiet. They contain technology that is focused towards making silent turbines through a number of different methods, all unique to SWIFT. With turbines available in the UK and soon in North America as well, they’re pushing their silent turbine agenda further all the time. Some of the aspects offered through SWIFT are quiet, minimal vibration from roof-mounted turbines. Furthermore, they’re easily installed and safe as well as appealing visually.

However, SWIFT wind turbines don’t just look good and install easily, they’re also very efficient and autonomous, meaning it doesn’t require fiddling or altering. Within only four years, one of their turbines can become energy positive, meaning it’s broke even with the resources used to make it. It incorporates excellent technology to dampen the vibrations from the turbine by dispersing it through the damping brackets installed. This is aided by the five-bladed design which allows for slower rotation speeds.

Together, these make SWIFT’s turbines the quietest around. In some areas, this is essential, so SWIFT may provide the only solution. If it’s essential that you have quiet and clean energy, then consider SWIFT’s turbines, as this is their specialty.

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