Super Quiet Inverter Generator


The need for emergency power

If you have ever lived for just one hour without power in your home, then you know how nice it is to have a backup source. Whether you live in an active storm zone or you just need a generator for the zombie apocalypse, a trustworthy portable generator is a wise investment. But how do you choose?

First, decide what you will use it for. If it is for emergencies, you may opt for a big generator to power up home essentials during a blackout. You will need a minimum of 2,500 watts of continuous power to keep vital appliances working. Decide if noise is an issue, and go from there.

If you are using a generator to power heavy tools, such as circular saws, air compressors, or other heavy consumers, you will want to look for something a little meatier, around 5,000 watts. For the average user, this is adequate without sacrificing quiet running.

Portable generators are a convenient way to make that camping trip more comfortable in addition to their emergency benefits, but who wants a lively engine growling near their tent? If quiet efficiency is a consideration (and those zombies are attracted to noise), then take a look at the top 5 quietest ones on our list.

Yamaha EF 1000is (50cc)

If it’s a quiet running generator you seek, the Yamaha EF 1000is has an astonishingly low decibel count of 47-57dba. To put that into perspective, normal conversation is around 60 decibels. This means you could have it relatively close without having to shout at your loved ones more than usual. Kidding aside, this generator has some other cool features, and would be ideal on camping trips.

It includes a “smart throttle” which senses the load and adjusts the RPM automatically for increased noise control and fuel economy. You can also kill the gas feed while the engine is running to dry out the carburetor. This will help prevent varnish buildup that is the killer of little-used gas engines.

The Yamaha EF 1000is is rated to push 900 watts of AC power, but it can give you 1000 in a pinch. It will run continuously for around 12 hours at a quarter load, which means it can power a single light for the whole night. This is not the generator to get for powering your entire house during an emergency.

The 1000is bolstered by a creative inverter system which uses electricity more efficiently. There is little leakage of unrefined energy that in time can create issues with delicate electronics you might run from the generator.

In all, an easy to use, convenient, and reliable portable generator. It weighs in at around 28 pounds, which makes moving it a snap.

Yamaha EF 1000is

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Closing arguments

Deciding how to choose a good generator is not easy, but if you are looking for efficiency combined with performance, these generators can get you where you need to be, and fairly quietly. While there is no such thing as a silent generator, these ranked in as the top 5 quietest, as well as each model’s all-around affordability, convenience, and dependablility.

The time to get a generator is when you don’t need one, because they become hard to find when you do. With a little research, you can find the one that will serve you faithfully for many years to come.


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