Sunforce 44444 Wind Generator


If you are the type of person who wants to contribute to the environment and you want to enjoy the modern conveniences that life has to offer, then you will see that the Sunforce 44444 12-Volt 400-Watt Wind Generator is perfect for you. Using only the wind to generate electricity, you can be sure that you will not be contributing any more harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

The Sunforce 44444 Wind Generator is perfect for your backyard. It is easy to install and it will be able to provide enough power for small appliances. You can also use this generator for powering pumps. For larger power demands, you can use this generator to charge batteries to power your home. In ideal conditions, this wind generator will be able to deliver 400 watts or 27 amps of electricity.

Its weatherproof cast aluminum is very durable and can last for a very long time. And, to prevent wear and tear, it has an integrated regulator that will automatically shut down the generator when the batteries are fully charged.

The whole unit only has 2 moving parts, which means that it is easy to maintain. And, with the patented high wind over speed technology, you will see that this generator will be able to work even at low wind speed.

The blades are made with carbon fiber composite which will ensure low wind noise.

So, if you want a clean source of energy that will be able to power your home, the Sunforce 44444 400 watt wind generator is perfect for you.

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