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Replacement – Buy Sunbeam Hot Shot Water Dispenser

There was a time when finding a Sunbeam water cooler was fairly easy.


Not so anymore. For those who are truly determined to have an upright Sunbeam water dispenser, the best option is to look on one of the online sites that offer discontinued items or used items. The same holds true for those wishing to purchase a Sunbeam wine cooler.

Consumers may also be able to find used Sunbeam dispensers on sites such as eBay and Amazon.

It should be noted that finding repair and Sunbeam water cooler parts may be difficult. The best bet when needing parts is to do an online search for the exact part needed, using the owner’s manual for reference to part numbers. Several online repair vendors are carrying parts, but selection and availability varies a great deal from vendor to vendor.

On the other hand, consumers who are looking for a small, compact device capable of delivering hot water for coffee, tea, and instant foods would do well to look into the Sunbeam Hot Shot water dispenser which is available at many outlets.

There are two models to choose from:

Sunbeam Hot Shot Water Dispenser

Sunbeam Model: 6170-33


Sunbeam Hot Shot
Hot Water Dispenser

This is a great unit that can deliver up to sixteen ounces of heated water in seconds. Because of its small size, it can be used in virtually any area one can think of, and this makes it a great option for office kitchens, break rooms, and countertops. It is also small enough that it can be packed for use while traveling.

Very similar to it’s cousin – Sunbeam Hot Shot beverage machine, this dispensing unit offers an automatic safety shut off feature, as well as plenty of space for storing the cord when not in use. The liquid delivered is warm enough to prepare a variety of beverages and foods such as instant coffee, tea, instant soup, baby formula, and even works well for preparing instant cereal or oatmeal. The unit is attractive with a modern styling design, and it is easy to clean, both internally and externally.

The Sunbeam 6170-33 is available in white. The second model available is:

Sunbeam water dispenser 6131-33

This is basically the same unit but in black.

Sunbeam Replacement Parts & Repair still Available

For its dispensing units, the Sunbeam water filtration system is a simple mesh screen that is removable. Replacements are readily available via online vendors.

While it is difficult to locate a new Sunbeam water cooler, the search can be worth it. This is one of the most prestigious companies known, with a long track record of quality products.

Within Sunbeam’s product line, consumers can find (hopefully) models that deliver cold, refrigerated water as well as models that can deliver both hot and cold water. These are free-standing units and use five-gallon containers of water that must be purchased separately.

The disadvantages associated with the Sunbeam water coolers have already been discussed. They are, first, somewhat hard to find these days. Second, replacement parts may be difficult to locate. And, third, it may be difficult to get major dispenser repairs done without having to ship the unit.

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