Sunbeam Rocket Grill Review


Do you want an electric grill that cooks in minutes? Then Sunbeam Rocket Grill is exactly what you should buy.

As its name implies, this small appliance can cook grilled fresh or frozen food in just 5- 8 minutes! Amazing, isn’t it?

The electric Sunbeam indoor grill is also very easy to use and requires almost no clean ups. Unlike many electric barbecue products from brands like George Foreman, it uses the special Sunbeam Parchment Pouches to cook food.

These Sunbeam Rocket grills replacement bags also act as fat filters and hold in all the juices to keep food moist and flavorful. They achieve that by channeling the grease and unnecessary fat to a reservoir at the bottom of the pouch. Your usual grilled steaks, bratwurst or bacons will just taste very differently and more importantly, they are more healthy to eat.

This best seller is sold under “Sunbeam 7530 rocket grill electric grilling appliance” name, and it you can get very cheaply at Amazon for just $50 USD. This product has received raving reviews from barbeque lovers for its speed and effortless cooking that makes deliciously juicy grilled food.

Below is summary of pros, cons and some features of this best seller indoor bbq grill.

Pros of Sunbeam Rocket Electric Grill


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Sunbeam 7530 Rocket Grill
Electric Grilling Appliance

  • Almost no cleaning: the only clean up needed is to sponge off the lid and sometimes – the spilled over residue on the bottom.
  • Fat reduced bbq: the parchment paper bags allow fats to drip from the food and be captured at the small compartment on the bottom of the bag.
  • Fast grilling time: the Sunbeam grill can get most of steak barbecues and medium size dishes done in about 5-10 minutes of cooking time.
  • Includes grilling guide: to help you determine exact cooking duration and get the best results without any guess works or prior barbecue grilling experience.
  • Portable electric grill: the compact size makes it easy for moving around the house or to take to special occasions.
  • Cheap & good value: for the price of just under $50.

Cons of Sunbeam Rocket Grill

  • Replacement bags: may get costly if you cook frequently and for mass of people.
  • Small cooking portion: appropriate parchment pouches must be used to cook on this grill and they are a little bit small for larger size meat steaks, like chicken, turkey, or ribs.


So if you need to buy a portable electric grill that cooks small portions for one or two very fast, with almost no cleaning ups required, and that makes healthy and flavorful juicy steaks, the electric Sunbeam indoor grill is certainly the best pick.

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